Subject of Experiment

The movie says a chimpanzee was chosen as a subject of experiment because of the genes that chimpanzees have. The percentage of similarity between chimpanzee’s and humans genes is about 98. 7%. So I guessed MIM would able to learn and speak English In the movie. But the difference of vocal structure, MIM learned how to speak and talk in sigh languages. MIM was taken away from his mother after two weeks of birth and raised by people. He was treated and raised Just like the way human are raised. During his Infancy, MIM learned about hundred sing engages Like eat, drink, give, up, and more.

I personally Impressed MIM using sigh languages when he want something or try to communicate with people. Because I have felt an emotional connection between humans and animals through my puppies but MIM and his foster mother communicate both emotions and gestures. Watching between MIM and humans communication part reminded me a short video about a lion and two men. In 1967, two Austrian men saved a lion.

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They called the lion “Christian” and raised him in their home until they needed to reintroduce him to Africa.A year later after they sent the lion to Kenya, when they wanted to came to Kenya to see him, everybody told them Christian would not recognize them and It would be very dangerous. When they yelled the lion’s name and looked for him for hours, they finally found him. Surprisingly, as soon as Christian saw the men, he came running and clung to them like giving them a big hug, And he even Introduced them to his wife. It was so touching.

Also I can think of another my own experience with my dog. I have lived with him 9 years now.When I cry or feel depressed, he moms and stares at me with his big black eyes like he understands and consoles me. Furthermore, he understands what I say. Not only simple words “Stop”, “Eat”, and “Don’t do that” but also little long words like “Pick up the newspapers”. I guess most animals can recognize some words what people repeatedly says and respond them like the Pavlov’s dog experiment.

Stefan who was Minim’s first foster mother treated MIM as his real son. Stefan dressed him, brushed his teeth, and sometimes feed with breast milk. He even wore diaper.She tried to admit Minim’s nature and accept him as e Is. Minim’s behavior was very similar to human child.

And I got curious If this human-Like behavior appears only to MIM because he was treated and lived with human. So I researched and found an article In “Frontiers In psychology for June 3 1 nee peduncles a result AT experiment Tanat compared gestures AT Intact chimpanzees and human babies. This experiment was based on Charles Darning’s theory that facial expressions and basic gestures are the same in human being. After Darning’s theory, scientists tried to find the evolutionary origins of expressions.

Recently they found out the similarity between apes that learned legalisms and human child who learned spoken languages. Both of them uses their finger to point, keep eye contact when communicating, and raise their arm when they want a hug. I was surprised that even though human babies are able to learn languages in a short time without any special educations, the intelligence of infant apes and human is quiet similar. When MIM started show his wild nature or people were not able to control him with their power as he grows up, people treated him as an animal.Finally hey stopped the experiment and sent him to a laboratory in Oklahoma. MIM could not get along with either humans or chimpanzees. People did not try to understand Minim’s sign languages.

Besides, Settling in a new environment that primates live was hard for MIM because he spent too much time with human to come back to his world. To help MIM to adapt in new environment, Bob, a manager who works in laboratory taught MIM chimpanzee’s language and brought him a chimpanzee friend. If Stefan and Laura taught and tried to make MIM to live like a human being, Bob did not try to each MIM.I guess Bob was the only one who understood MIM not in a view of humans. Bob was a real friend of MIM. Chimpanzees usually live for fifty years, by comparison, MIM died at the age of 27.

He was forced to be a human. But people treated him as an animal when he was no longer useful as an experiment subject. In my opinion, this movie was not only shows a story of one chimpanzee that lived closely to human but also criticize humans selfishness.

The movie and a few studies state that humans are able to communicate emotions and thoughts easily by using engage unlike animals.But I think It seemed like animals can learn languages by repeated learning. Infant chimpanzees were able to learn a few languages when they were grown by human like MIM did. Judging from this fact, we may not say humans are the only one that is born with language ability. By watching this Movie and searching the information of MIM, I became to know what cognitive and experimental psychology is.

This movie also gave me a good opportunity to get to know how human and primates are psychologically different or similar.