Purpose talk. Voice can make a speech or

Purpose Statement: 

To inform my audience that “why speakers voice matters”.  Perhaps voice is the most important elements when we speak.  Especially in today’s world when we often time conduct conference calls, or talk over the phone voice is the only element can create the right, effective impression on the listeners.  Tone of the voice can change entire conversation.  That is voice, tone, inflection, pace can make or break a conversation entirely.    

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Thesis Statement: 

In this paper, I will discuss the significance of voice as a speaker or in general when we talk.  Voice can make a speech or a conversation interesting or boring.  Speaker’s or presenter’s voice matters twice as much as the content of the message.  1  Mastering one’s own voice is important in order to present a successful speech or present.  How one can control the power of voice to in order to present a successful speech? There are couple of obvious techniques we can follow that is 1) control of volume of our voice.  Often time listeners connected voices that vary in volume as an example, louder voices, deep voices etc.  2) Tone or peach of voice:  Presenters or Speakers high and lowness of voice is very important to convey the topic to the audience.  Controlling our pitch we express our emotions, stress and attitude. As an example if it’s an executive business speech masculine voice is preferable.  3) Another crucial elements is consistency which has direct relation with voice (that is tone).  If facial impression is happier but voice is not than that can immediately confuse audience.  Thus greater chance to lose them.  Variety of expressions, emotion should reflect from speaker’s voice.  Research shows that often TED speakers have 30.5% higher vocal variety then non TED speakers. 2



Certain voices can make a speech successful. Often people judge our credibility by our weight and height.  Similarly people tend to listen more closely and give value people with deeper voices.  Deeper voices people tend to get the leadership positions.  “Vocal fry” is unacceptable.  It seems people with “Vocal fry” are not trustworthy or their credibility is less. People who wants to convince others tend to talk quickly and have generally commanding tone of voice.  


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