Purpose, to be expandable in case they should

Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

            The Morgans, owners of Cougar Pizza Pies, need a database so that they can keep track of their orders and instructions sent in by customers. With their menu having fixed prices and a limited choice of toppings for the pizzas, this makes for a very minimal model. The business wants to ensure that each month they are making profits by being able to check the database to compare what they sold versus how much inventory they bought. Order tracking is also a main feature that the company would like to implement into the database. This way, when they review the database, they will be able to figure out how many pizzas were ordered during a specific purchase, how long it took to deliver the pizza, and other marketing research that they might do in the future. Moreover, the owners would also like the database to be expandable in case they should open more stores further down the road. The Morgans would hope to have the database up and running within the next few months.

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User Requirements

            The main requirement for the database is to include information from the menu such as what kind of pizzas were sold, the toppings that were put on the pizza, how much it cost to make the pizza and what it was sold for. The information that is stored on the database would also have the customer’s information on it. For instance, information about a customer’s order could say employee took an order of a peperoni pizza for $15, and it was delivered by employee to first name, last name, address, on date and time. Date and time is essential for the database as it should be the main category to sort by. Other categories to keep track of and sort by would be how much the company sold per hour, day, week, and month. Also once again the capability to expand and add more stores to the database is a must have feature. Different sections for each of the stores can be made while also having an option to see sales from all of the stores combined.

Business Process and Restrictions

            On account of the Morgans wanting to make their business profitable, the data that will be obtained through each transaction needs to be obtainable effortlessly. Since the database will be keeping track of the users’ information it should have a security system to make sure the information stays secured. Customers should also have the ability to edit their information in case they change addresses or phone numbers. However, payment information is something that should never be saved. It should only be asked for at the end of check out and once checked out it is removed from the system.

End Result

            The end result of the database is for it to keep track of the company’s main money flow as well as be used for research on their customer base. The database should have the ability to be organized and sorted by distinct categories as well as having the possibility to expand to it if the Morgans decide to open other stores in the area. The database should also have all their menu items as well as inventory and ordering capabilities so that they are able to keep a check on what they need to order for their store(s) and when. Finally, security on the database is something that should be maintained on a scheduled basis to make sure there are no security breaches or errors with how the database works.