Q.1) that there are elections held. Democracy is

Q.1) Describe the different
forms of governments functioning in the world today.


ANS.  There are various kinds of governments
functioning in the world today; from them I am just going to describe a few of

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·       DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a form of
government in which the people retain the supreme power, but it is indirectly
given to a system that controls the country. The common people of the country vote
together to make one party win and when the party wins that party rules over the country, if the party
is not functioning properly in the country then the people can revolt against
that and remove that leader/party from power. The ruling party changes after
few years periodically, for that there are elections held. Democracy is
functioning in countries like :

Bhutan (Thimphu)

Central Tibetan

 Santo Domingo

Germany (Berlin)

India (New Delhi)

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Malawi (Lilongwe)



MONARCHY: In the early part
of the 20th century, the most common form of government was Monarchy.

In monarchy there was the hereditary rule of the royal family (king or queen).

The supreme power is in the hands of the ruler that is the monarch. Places
where monarchy is still followed:


·      Luxembourg

·      Cambodia

·      United Arab

·      Monaco

·      Kuwait

·      Bhutan

·      Malaysia

·      Tonga

·      Vatican City

·      Netherlands

·      Qatar

·      Belgium

·      Spain


§  DICTATORSHIP:  It is a form of
government in which a person or a group of people rule over a place. These
people rule forcefully over the place, there are not ruling under any kind of
constitution, they do what they want. These people also make laws that are
favorable for them. It is also like tyrannical monarchy.  Places where dictatorship exits:









North Korea


ARISTOCRACY:  It is a form of
government in which the whole power is in hands of an elite class that is ruling,
it is also a small class. The term derives it’s meaning from the word
‘aristokratia’ which means “rule of the best”. Places where it is followed:





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Q.2) What according to you is the best form
of government? Give appropriate arguments to support your choice.



 According to me democracy is the best form of
government. There are various reasons why democracy is the best form of


Democracy introduces government at a small
level. In the democracy the administrative power is divided in to lower levels.

In it governance is divided among different villages (a village has its own
headman and panchayat).

Democracy provides fair and healthy
competition for power. In democracy elections are held and due to that people
have the right to choose the kind of party they want unlike dictatorship in
which rule in enforced upon the people.

The real power is in the hands of the
‘people’. The ‘people’ of the place only choose the party by voting. There is
the option to protest that is open for all. If the ruling party is not
functioning properly or the ‘people’ are not satisfied then the ruling party
has to leave its power and there are free elections so that people can choose
the ruling party fairly.

Democracy can deal with conflicts in a
peaceful and wise manner. Let’s take an example of India, India has people of
all castes/religion/region. This can lead to a conflict as if one muslim party
wins then all the hindus will oppose him, but in democracy there is no loser or
winner as the rule changes after a certain time. So the country lives

In democracy a person has its own rights that
are known as ‘Human Right’. According to this everyone in the country is equal.

Everyone in the country has the right to speak and some other human rights that
are necessary.

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Q.3) Looking at
the present situation, reflect on the futuristic forms of government that could
rule the world. Give complete description.


ANS. Looking at the present condition, according to me Mixed
Government will be the futuristic form of government that will rule the world
later. Mixed Government will be the one that will have every good quality from
every government; it will have a part of governments like Aristocracy,
Democracy, Monarchy, etc. Every government has flaws in it and is not perfect,
but when all the good things of all the governments will be mixed, the chances
of mistakes will decrease and the best features will be there in the government.

The head
will be elected by the citizens (like in Democracy) rather than hereditary inheritance (like in

A Mixed
constitution will help the nation in many ways. The matters can be solved as
powers are divided, decision can be taken according to the situation. So there
is separation of powers in mixed government and issues can be handled in a better
way. In Mixed government there will be increase rise in economy. So in this
economy the mixed government will encourage both the sectors to develop
simultaneously. As a result there will be rapid development in terms of health,
education power, defense and infrastructure. The trade will be better with a
well functioning nation. The country will prosper and see economic growth. Thus
mixed government is a balanced form of government that most modern countries
will adopt. A particular class does not monopolize the powers. All institutions
have a system of checks and balances so as to keep everyone in its position.