Quizlet, to parents and guardians of students. Parents

Quizlet, Kahoot, Google Documents, PowerSchool, calculator, electronic books, and textbooks, are just a few of the educational tools you could hold in the palm of your hand. When students have free reign of the internet during the school day they have the ability to do more work in less time. Students should be allowed to use digital devices during school hours for educational purposes.      Allowing students to use cell phones during school hours can provide peace of mind to parents and guardians of students. Parents would know that in an emergency the student can contact them and vice versa. For instance, if there was an outstanding weather concern which forced all after-school activities to be canceled, you are expected to be responsible to contact your parents to let them know of the cancellation. But how are we expected to do such without a reliable line of communication? Some may say that the use of cellular devices in class could create a potential danger for students in the form of child predators and cyberbullying. This may be true however, these things will be a factor in everyday life as long as cell phones, tablets, and computers find their way into the hands of the wrong people, and there are even ways schools can block inappropriate sites from the server, inevitably making school a safer place to surf the internet than home.     Another positive reason for allowing these devices in school is students can be exposed to a new world of creativity and difference from the bubble they have grown up in. For instance, if your father likes fishing you would grow up with that type of exposure. But with accessibility to the internet students can be exposed to a new culture or language. They could teach themselves to play an instrument, learn chess, cook an exotic meal or even learn to clog. They have a wide variety of things not only to help them learn but also gain some skill they might not have otherwise had access to. But with great power comes great responsibility, and with the temptation of texting and social media in their minds, some may believe students would focus more on their social life than on their school work. Even with this fear the good outweighs the bad. With any shift in rules people will take advantage, but with newly accessible internet programs students can get their daily dose of screen time without going behind teachers backs and sneakily texting or sending a Snapchat.    An additional reason for allowing such devices in school is the accessibility to instant answers for the more curious students. Allowing these devices will help teachers teach and students learn in very different, but beneficial ways. Though some may believe that allowing such devices may cause a disconnect between students but I couldn’t disagree more. Many computer programs allow for team activities ultimately bringing the class together rather than apart.     Students should be allowed to use digital devices during school hours for educational purposes. Children are the future, and we need to start investing in their future by giving them the best education possible. This is only possible when you allow cell phones and other similar devices in students hands and in their classrooms.