Rainy Season Common Diseases and their Prevention

Monsoon brings lot of joy in our lives as a result of respite from extreme heat season it follows but the misery it brings along in form of disease is somewhat inevitable. Most parts of the planet are having heavy rains this time of the year and especially Asia.

The common diseases faced this time of the year are- Respiratory: Breathing problems especially in Asthmatics and other patients of COPD. Seasonal Flu peaks in incidence in rainy season only. Gastro-intestinal: Diarrhea is very common in the rainy season because of faeco-oral contamination of water.The common pathogens are Amoebiasis, Salmonella, Shigella, Cholera and Hepatitis A. Skin Infections: Mainly caused by Fungi.

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Allergic conditions: like Atopic Dermatitis, Rhinitis and Conjunctivitis are very common in rainy season. Mosquito-borne diseases: like Malaria and Dengue peak in the rainy season. Insect-bites: are very common in the rainy season. Children are most susceptible to above mentioned diseases and parents must take special precautions to protect them in the rainy season. Following are the steps needed to protect them- Keep your home Mosquito-free.Use mosquito-net or safe mosquito-repellents available in the market.

Wear full sleeves clothes and trousers instead of shorts in the rainy season to protect against deadly mosquito-bites. Vaccines are available against season flu and Swine Flu viruses. Consult your Doctor for advice. Since sewage and drinking water pipes are prone to flooding and consequent leaks, faeco-oral contamination of drinking water is very common in rainy season. Use water-filters and boiling methods to make water safe for drinking. Avoid eating out at restaurants in rainy season as level of hygiene is very poor out there.If your children have got wet in rain, make sure they change clothes immediately on returning home.

Keep them warm and feed them hot soup if possible. This is necessary to protect them from temperature fluctuations which make them prone to Flu. A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetable is a must in rainy seasons. Increase intake of Vitamin C by ingesting more of Citrus fruits which should provide you greater immunity. Washing hands more frequently using hand-sanitizers readily available in market should be a priority.

Avoid contact with sick people as risk of getting communicable diseases from them is particularly high. See your Doctor immediately in case of persisting symptoms and avoid self-medication. Reference: Published by Dr Anoop Diwan http://www.

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