Reading Binary

You use the method of subtraction, if you can subtract the number that corresponds with the value you “2” you are dealing with you need to place a 1 under the 2 that corresponds with the number you are subtracting. This Is Like saying yes the number works. If it doesn’t subtract you place a zero underneath the “2” that you are dealing with, this Is like saying “no” it doesn’t represent anything. That Is the basic formula for doing binary. With the math diagram I can will show the practice In more detail. II.

0 Is the same as 0010 because In binary a “zero “doesn’t represent a value. It does however represent a “place” so you definitely need to place the “zeroes” In accordingly. Since the two “zeroes” come before “10” the “zeroes” right to left) the first 2 value above It would be 2 to the 0 power, then you would go to the next digit (1) and place a 2 above that ‘1″ you then go 2 to the power of 1, following the steps like I previously said you follow this same method, it then goes 2 o the third power, then 2 to the forth power and son till you have all twos above the binary number you are working on.I will leave an example to show you the steps. IV. Creating a converter from decimal to binary would be harder than the other way around because how can you have a partial binary number? Working with fractions for many people is a dawn tinting task they would Just rather not deal with, but if it is larger than one (the Remainder) people would be confused out of their minds.

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