Refining Solutions

Since had graduated high school, had trudged with college, had attended three different colleges in three years, When had dropped out of the third college, I was conflicted on whether to attended college anymore or not attend. Was blaming a lot on the colleges, saying that the college was not right for me. Later to tint out that I was right about those colleges not being right for me but also that needed to apply myself more to my studies. Worked many hours with my job (60 or more hours weekly) and I could not keep up with going back and forth to campus for class.The decision to whether or not attend college, was weighting on me to say the less. Initial Solutions My first solution avgas to drop out of college because it just was not for me and could not find a college that worked best for me. This was a lazy solution but one of the first solutions that came to mind.

My second solution avgas to try a fourth college and perhaps see if it would work out. My third solution was to attend my last college and apply myself more. Critical Examination of Best Solution TO pick the best solution I had to look at each solution and find the flaws and imperfections.

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My first solution had a lot of flaws such as failing. If dropped out of college would be a “quitter”. I have always been coordinative and never like to quit, so I did not feel comfortable with this solution.

I also knew that if I dropped out of college, I would still have to pay for thee years of college and I would not have a degree or career to show for it, My second solution had its flaws, such as history repeating itself. If attended a fourth college, could drop out again and have no degree and even more debt, This was a something I did not want to happen again and struggled with the decision.My third solution was a decision that really considered, I thought that I did not try hard enough and could of applied myself more to my studies. However, my college was 40 minutes away. If I wanted to attend college five days a week, would have to cut back my hours and then would not be able to afford my bills. Evaluation of the Argument Often people tend to rush to judgment or a solution of an argument It is important to understand the argument before making any kind of judgment or solution.That is the reason buy listed all my solutions to my issues, and the flaws as well.

This will let me evaluate all sides of the issues and let me chose the best solution. After evaluating my issues, was aware that was not applying myself enough to my studies. No matter which solution picked, needed to apply myself more.

Even though I needed to apply myself more, the three colleges attended were not the right colleges for me because of my work schedule and lifestyle. Need to choose the best solution that would accommodate my lifestyle.Revised Argument After evaluating the argument, noticed needed to make a couple changes. Knew that those three colleges that had attended were not right for my lifestyle.

Therefore, needed to find a college that did work with my lifestyle. Talked to some people and my sister suggested university of Phoenix online, I did some search on Phoenix and found that it fit perfectly with my lifestyle and work schedule. The second thing I needed to change was myself. Need to apply myself more and stay focus on my studies.I needed to finish college and the only way was going to this was to stay focus and on top of my studies.

Refined Solution with Implementation Plan The best solution that I developed was to attend University of Phoenix to obtain my degree and a career. To make this solution happen, needed to make a phone call to Phoenix to get more information. After that phone call, chose my degree in Business Management and started to fill out my FAST to receive uncial aid. After all my financial awards and aid was received, started my classes for my degree.

I also implemented the plan to get myself motivated to finish my degree with Phoenix University. I did this by practicing time management skills and gave myself certain days to study and to do homework for a specific amount time. This helped me a lot With getting homework done on time and receiving good grades. Final Solution/Conclusion My final solution Of attending University Of Phoenix was the best decision have ever made for my future. My sister was helpful in helping me make this important decision.Without looking at all my options, flaws, imperfections, and making improvements to my solution, I would not of made the best decision for this issue. Since making this decision, obtain my associates degree in communication in December of 2011 and will be obtaining my bachelors degree in business management this December. Am very excited to start my future with a growing career with my degrees.

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