Quitting Without Giving Notice

This paper will issues the solutions initially considered to resolve the problem of understanding at a place of employment, and how these resolutions can be further honed to provide the best possible outcome for the situation. Original Issue The topic discussed in this text will be in relation to a challenging experience at a place of employment. An account manager is required to regulate and direct the activities and employees tort the locations across the state.

In doing so, there are a number of contracted employees that are provided through a vendor.When one of the contracted employees are out of the office due to an unforeseen circumstance, the responsibility falls to the vendor to provide a back up person to fill the position. The situation at hand is the standard technician is out of the office on and abrupt medical leave, and the contracted company is not back filling the positing leaving the team short-handed to complete necessary work. There are a number of potential resolutions to this problem that have the potential to be helpful.Initial Resolutions Brainstorming is required to develop the initial resolutions for solving the problem of understanding and listed below are these ideas:

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  • Hire employee
  • Cross train
  • Sweet talk customer into fitting” until situation passes completely Take legal action in terms of breach of contract
  • Talk with contractors manager and express concerns
  • Ignore problem There are a number of pro’s and con’s with each initial resolution idea.

Each can have the potential to become the permanent solution dependent upon a multitude of factors, such as ability to accomplish, staffing resources, tends available, and ability to communicate.It has been determined that the best potential solution tort the issue to understating would be to cross train the existing employees.

Examination of Best Solution Cross training can be defined as, ‘To undergo or provide training in different tasks or skills” (“Cross Training” 2013). Cross training can provide the most well rounded employees, thus creating more potential for productivity in a business. By cross training there is also more potential for employees to fill in for other area or department when necessary, thus reducing the possible downtime that a company or vendor may experience.Cross training has many benefits to the employee as well as the employer and company. Evaluation of the Argument Cross training can eliminate the need to hire an additional person to fill the role and job required, which also reduces the cost of labor. The existing employees may require a slight adjustment to their pay on the days that they are utilized in an “out of normal” job role, but this is minute compared to the potential of adding an additional salary.

These persons who are cross trained also are able to become more mobile as they are now able to transfer amongst the sites in which they are needed.This also allows for the person who are cross trained to come familiar with the other individuals and locations within the company that he or she might not have previously been aware of. Cross training an employee allows he or she the opportunity to learn a new skill. This new skill potentially can make he or she more valuable to the company, either in their present job or in a different job, Cross training allows for the most potential for company and individual growth. Revised Argument Cross training is beneficial for managers as it provides more flexibility in managing the workforce to get the job done.However, done properly, cross raining is also a positive for the employees too, It allows he or she the ability to learn new skills, makes he or she a more valuable asset to the company, and can combat worker boredom. It is also essential that the company carefully select those persons to become cross trained. Some individuals are not open to the challenge and would prefer to Stay in his or her comfort zone, while others enjoy the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Refined Solution and Implementation Plan There are three Steps to refining a solution I) working out the details, 2) FindingImperfections and Complications, and 3) Making Improvements (Ruggeri, 2009). Cross training is a relatively simple concept that can be implemented in most any business plan. The details of cross training are few: identify the person and implement the change. Finding the complications can be as simple as choosing the correct employee, some persons are not comfortable with the change and can further inhibit the process. Making Improvements are essential to any position or decision made to a business, If the initial person selected to cross rain does not enjoy the role, then a new person will need to be selected.Final Solution The decision to make cross-training a part of the business’ plan has been determined and set as standard. It has also been determined that input from employees as to how cross-training can be implemented without tutoring regular job duties will be a mitigating factor.

Implementing a cross-training program for each new hire will familiarize these individuals with the operational plan and potentially boost overall job satisfaction and productivity.