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Introduction. 3
Change Leader. 3
Research Example. 4
The inspirational story
of change leader in British Airways. 4
Own change leadership
style. 4
Change leadership skills. 4
Three areas I would
develop. 5
Self-learning development. 5
Self-Managed Learning. 6
Change Leadership
Theories. 6
Synthesis. 7
References. 8



In this modern world, it is very hard
now to have a successful change within an organization. The organization are
found to be bankrupt or in the state of the closing if they could not change
their business policy and the way they work earlier. Moreover, it is very
important that there should be an efficient policy and the leadership to
achieve successful change.


Change Leader

Change leader could be a person or a
team who efficiently manages change and helps to tackle the problems for the
successful running of the organization to their future targets.

It is not always an easy task to be a
successful change leader.  The
characteristics (Clay, n.d.) to have in a change leader are as

the people: Leading the people in the team is a very hard process to keep the
team intact. Every individuals have their own mindset and own personalities.
Team members can have conflict at any time for no reasons. So, it is very
important that the change leader should lead the people as well as keep the
team intact so that they can work towards organizational goals altogether.

level of Anxiety: Anxiety are the things that the people may have from their
past experience which results have their negative impact. This negative
emotions can be very destructive and can prevent people from responding to
change effectively. Successful change leader should hire only the employees who
are not threatened and feel secure within the organization environments.

The change leader should always be confident towards the change that he is
carrying out within the team as well as the organization. Change leader should
be not afraid to take any risks and choose the team member who are confident to
take the risks as well.

on Work: The change leader should always focus on the work. Every learning
should be applied to the success of the organization. An effective change
leader should energized, fast and quick to adapt the change. Additionally, the
change leader should not force the staffs to compel to finish the project that
could not be finished within the deadline, but motivate, help and encourage them
so that it could be finished as early as possible.

The letters in English are found to be easy but very hard to select the word
that needs to be select at the right time. Sometimes, same word can have
different meaning which can result in misleading information. Change leader
should have potential to speak easily as well as hear the changes that
consumers wants.

organizational goals: The true change leader should not forget the
organizational goals at any point of the change process. Sometime the boundary
can be crossed as of the change process but should be resolved quickly as it can
have negative impact to the organization in near future.


Research Example

The inspirational story of change leader in British

British Airline was the leading airline
company which was established on the year 1974 merging four different other
airline organization. They had approximately more than 200 aircrafts and more
than 59,000 employees which was the highest number of the employees within an
organization at that time. But back in 1970, there was a problem to start
within the organization because of the oil crisis. British airways after that
year had to face different financial problems because of more number of
employees and less air business. The reputation of the company was going down
by down after the crisis (Troyani,

In 1981, the company appointed the new
chairperson for the company who had a very sound knowledge for the change and
had noticed that the airway company was operating very inefficiently. He
restructured the whole organization by minimizing the number of staffs in order
to save the company from the financial loss. They bring the number of working
staff from 59000 to 39000 and even restructure the marketing team and the
expert as well. After 10 years of the change, the British Airways had the
profit of more than $200 million which was one of the highest in the airline industry (Troyani,

In order to achieve this success, the
new chairperson had to go from very difficult situations as he had to
restructure the whole entire organization and had to be prepared for the change
process. The new chairperson was always honest and always ready for the change (Troyani,


Own change leadership style

Change leader should have different leadership’s
style according to their situation s. They should transform from one style to
another and try different approaches to facilitate the changes.

I was a junior web programmer in a US
based company named as “Transcendental Web Solutions” back in Nepal and had
noticed different vision and styles of my leader whenever he needs to change
something on the ongoing projects. If I would have been in my leaders place, I
would like to focus on the key leadership skills such as

Change leadership skills

Communication plays the vital role in the change process of the project or the
organization. My leader used to communicate so well that everyone in the team
understand what is he going to say. Another good thing about him was he also
elaborate the reason why we are going to facilitate the change in the ongoing
process. I would also like to focus on my communication in order to learn how
to let the team members know the change process efficiently without crossing
the boundary of the organization.

Change leader should not always make their decision by their own learning or
the pas experience but also should listen what the team members and the front
line user’s needs. Change decision making process should include all the team
members and the employees so that to better know the employees eagerness to
change. Back in Nepal at work, whenever the client changes the demand, my team
leader used to create a meeting plan and used to show us the new change
procedure. He even used to ask us if there is any alternatives then the
proposed one. I will too engage every team members and the front line users in
the decision making process so that everyone can work collaboratively.

Every leader should give 100% dedication and commitment to the work so that to
achieve goals. Change leader is not only important to create a strategy but
also likely to have major role in how it will be executed. My leader in Nepal
used to give his full dedication at the work and he used to split the task in
the small parts so that it would be easier for everyone. He even used to track
every small parts so that to achieve the early wins. If I would be in his
place, I will like to focus on tracking the results of every small parts as
well as helping the team members in their every stage of the project.
Additionally, I will be ready for the any unforeseen changes that can happen at
any time.

Three areas I would develop

The three areas I would like to develop
are as follows:

the team: Leading team members is always a hard one while working with large
numbers. Every members can have different perception. One could like another’s
perception and another could disagree which could lead in the conflict within
the team members. So in order to resolve these types of factors that I could
face in my coming projects, I would like to develop more skills so that all the
team members can collaboratively work towards the benefit of the organization.

the other attempt too: Change could be faced at any time so we need to be aware
of that. And for every attempt it change, we can’t be quite sure that it will
work out. So, I would like to approach for next attempt even if my first
attempt for the change process fails.

twice: It is always a better idea to think more than once when facilitating the
change. Even the small change can have big impact towards the organization. One
mistake can have significant impact to the goals and the policies. I will definitely
think more than once or twice before any changes in the project is carried out.
I would like to make a discrete plan at first and would like to have an
imaginary vision if the new changes will work or not before implementing in the


Self-learning development

Leaning is an infinite process. It never
stops. Learning can be anywhere and at any time like study, seeing others,
research, on the job or magazines and papers. Employers should be regularly
seeking to learn new things and apply those knowledges to the goals of the
company. The benefits of self-learning development  (Getting the most from your work,
n.d.) are as follows:

skill development as different training approaches and constantly seeking to
learn can enhance the personal development.

development process can help every individuals and the team members to keep up
to date eye on the industry that one is involved with.

helps to learn more practical behaviors which can helps to make a strong relationship
with others (Getting the
most from your work, n.d.).

Self-Managed Learning

It is the learning process by which an
individual learns and discover new things by learning and utilizing their own
skills. It also helps individual to learn different ways of learning
techniques. The advantages of self-managed learning  (Self Managed Learning,
Definition and Discussion, 2016) are as follows:

can help both the individual as well as the organization as the team member can
learn taking different learning ways for the growth of the company.

can have a great knowledge of the team work and can also evaluate themselves
for the change they need to have to complete their task.

learning can increase the ability of top level employers to provide different
coaching models and classes for the rest of the team members (Self
Managed Learning, Definition and Discussion, 2016).


Change Leadership Theories

As per the research that I have carried,
I came to know that there are numerous change leadership theories  (Leadership theories, n.d.) so far. Some of them are:

Man Theory – This model reveals that the leader cannot be made for this is a self-process
and since the past there are numerous leading male which is of course a
biasness for the female in this world.

Theory – This theory involves the different way of leading in different kind of
situations as the same process cannot be successful in different occasions.

leadership – It includes positive visionary leadership from daily activities
that concerns with the organization. This model helps to lead the people,
encourage the team members, focusing in the team work and taking risks to
change the process.

Leadership – It shows that leadership needs of two behaviors either to tell
people clearly what, when and how to do known as directive or a supportive
which involves listening to others and providing them the support (Leadership
theories, n.d.).

I was much impressed by the
transformational leadership as it includes to have an imaginary decision at
first and take the lead with the concrete plan so that the change can be made
successful. Transformational leadership includes overall everything that is
required for a successful organization to reach at the top that includes team
work, encouraging team members, supporting them and taking risks.





Overall, this essay resembles who the
change leader are and the importance of the change leader so that to have a successful
change in the business process. Change can be very much destructive sometimes,
so the effective leader can lead the team members utilizing the resources so
that to maintain the business policies, creating a way towards goals and
minimize the potential impact to the organization. The knowledge that I have
gained from this essay is that change leader is not made but they are born to
do so. Effective planning and choice of effective theories can lead to
successful change within the management or the organization. Change management
is vital equally as the project may fail and the risk may get very high.




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