Refuting five point calvinism


The theory which is today normally known by the name Calvinism was foremost introduced by Augustine in the 4th century. He taught that Christ did non decease for all work forces, but for a chosen few whom God had chosen and predestinated to go His kids. He taught that all others were created to travel to Hell. He taught that all those who were chosen to travel to Heaven were every bit good as in Heaven and all those whom God chose to travel to Hell were every bit good as in Hell. Augustine was subsequently given sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church.Over 1000 old ages subsequently, John Calvin, an ex-Catholic, revived this instruction which had been forgotten since the decease of Augustine. It is from Calvin that the instruction received its name, Calvinism.

Augustine, the male parent of the instruction, besides taught that infant baptism was necessary in order to travel to Heaven. He taught that a individual could hold echt regeneration, echt piousness, and even echt religion, but without rank in the Catholic Church, these would avail him nil and he would travel to Hell. He is besides responsible for the instruction of impeccant flawlessness. Many of the mistakes in the Catholic Church today can be traced to the Hagiographas of Augustine.As for John Calvin, he was non a Baptist.

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He was a Reformer. He was non Christian in his attitude and behaviour. He was a autocrat who cast those who disagreed with him into prison. In 1553, Micheal Servetus, a Spaniard, a bookman, a doctor, a scientist of originality, and a adult male who was profoundly spiritual and devoted to Christ, smartly opposed Calvin on the philosophies of predestination and infant baptism – while Servetus is to be commended for opposing predestination and infant baptism, some resources note that he besides taught against the indispensable Christian philosophy of the Trinity which is heresy ] .The followers is a affair of record,“ While go throughing through Geneva, Servetus was recognized and arrested, surely at Calvin ‘s insisting. Servetus was tried and condemned by the civil governments as a heretic, an discourtesy punishable by decease under the Justinian Code. In malice of Calvin ‘s supplication for a more merciful signifier of executing ( accent mine ) , Servetus was burned at the interest on October 27, 1553, shouting through the fires, ‘O Jesus, thou Son of the ageless God, have commiseration on me.

” ‘ ( History of Christianity, Latourette, Chapter XXX, three, Page 759 ) .Today, people are taught by some that a Christian must be either a Genevan or an Arminian. This is non true. A Christian can and should be a Biblicist. We do non claim to to the full understand the head of God refering sovereignty and free will.

However, we do understand clearly the instruction of the Word of God refering adult male ‘s holding a God-given free will to take between good and evil and a free will to accept or reject Christ as Savior.


The Heresy of John Calvin

Entire Depravity ( a term used by John Calvin ) .

The Biblical reading of Entire Depravity is that all people are evildoers by birth, by pick, and by pattern. They have a sin nature. Entire Corruption does non intend that all people are every bit bad as possible. It does non intend that all work forces are as wholly bad as humanly possible in their earthly actions, as they would be, if left as Calvin would hold us believe. It does non intend that all work forces are every bit bad.

If adult male has no free will to take between good and evil, to what can the huge difference between the accustomed felon on decease row and the morally good, yet lost individual, who is a leader in civil and societal personal businesss in his community, be contributed? There are good and applaudable things in the lives of many people who do non claim to be Christians ( non good in the sight of God, but in earthly actions ) . Entire Depravity means that every portion of every individual ‘s nature has been touched, tainted, affected, defiled, perverted, or influenced by wickedness. All work forces are capable of being wholly bad, yet, by their free will, take non to be.The above is the true Biblical reading of Entire Depravity. This place is lief accepted by Bible-believing Baptist churchs.John Calvin added to the Word of God by taking the Biblical philosophy of Entire Depravity and spread outing it to an ultra-extreme, wholly un-Biblical place. John Calvin called his philosophy Total Depravity ; nevertheless, that which Calvin taught is and should be branded unorthodoxy.

Under the name of Entire Depravity Calvin believed, taught, and insisted on Entire Inability. He taught that adult male had/has no free will in the affair of redemption, no pick whatsoever, but that redemption was predetermined by God entirely and adult male Acts of the Apostless every bit automatically as a automaton. In response to inquiries, John Calvin wrote:“ Who so shall be saved? That is what His crowned head will make up one’s mind and nil else.

It is strictly a affair of the Godhead crowned head will which, doubtless for good grounds known to God Himself but none of them relative to anything separating one adult male morally from another, chooses some and rejects the remainder. God ‘s election has nil to make with precognition except in so far as he foreknows who are to be members of the human race ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes III, xxiii, page 10 ) .From Genesis 2:16 through Revelation 22:17, God has ever given adult male the freedom of pick. In relation to Genesis 2:16-17, John Calvin exercised dual talk. The poetries read:“ And the Lord God commanded the adult male, stating, of every tree of the garden 1000 mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the cognition of good and evil, thou shalt non eat of it: for in the twenty-four hours that 1000 eatest thereof 1000 shalt certainly die. ” Genesis 2:16-16Note that God commanded Adam that he should non eat of the tree of good and evil. John Calvin would hold us believe that God commanded Adam non to make such and such a thing, but that God had already decreed that Adam would go against His bid.

That would do God the writer of wilful noncompliance. John Calvin wrote,“ The lone clip free will might be moderately asserted to hold existed was in Adam before the autumn. Adam could hold resisted if he would, since he fell simply by his ain will. In this unity adult male was endowed with free will, by which, if he had chosen, he might hold obtained ageless life. However, there is no world in the free will therefore attributed to adult male, in every bit much as God had decreed the autumn, and hence must hold in some wise already biased Adam ‘s will. It was non left in impersonal equilibrium, nor was his future of all time in suspense or uncertainness.

It was certain that Oklahoman or subsequently Adam would fall into evil, and with that inevitable autumn at that place disappeared every hint of the free will which adult male may hold had. From that clip the will became pervert along with the whole of nature. Man no longer possessed the capacity to take between good and evil ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes II, four, Page 8 ) .The belief that adult male has no capacity to take between good and evil, places the duty of adult male ‘s wickedness upon God.

Calvin would hold us believe that we are automatons and our actions are decreed by the crowned head will of God. The belief that adult male has no capacity to take between good and evil, yet does evil, places the duty of adult male ‘s wickedness upon God. In Calvin ‘s ain statement above, he once more dual negotiations. He said Adam could hold resisted ; Adam fell by his ain free will ; that the autumn was decreed by God. John Calvin, which place do you keep? All three statements can non be true.The Bible clearly teaches that God enlightens evildoers ( John 1:9, 12:32, and 16:8 ) . The Bible besides teaches the free will and free exercising of that will by adult male.

This will be covered more wholly in the point titled Irresistible Grace. For now, allow it merely be noted that throughout the Bible, God sets forth the free will of adult male to take for himself ( John 1:12, 3:16, 5:24, Acts 2:21, 16:30-31. This is merely a short list of poetries which set Forth adult male ‘s free will to take ) .

Bible-believing Baptist churchs wholly rejects the instruction of John Calvin refering Entire Inability. We believe and teach that adult male is wholly perverse, but that God, in His crowned head will, endowed adult male with the ability to take between good and evil, Christ and the Devil, and Heaven and Hell.

Unconditional Election.

Calvin taught that God elected, take, or predetermined that certain people would be saved and travel to Heaven.

Many modern twenty-four hours Calvinists declare that they do non believe in dual predestination, which means they claim that they do non believe that God elected or foreordained people to travel to Hell, merely those who are traveling to Heaven. If you believe that God did so predetermine that certain people would travel to Heaven, that demands that you must besides believe that all others were predetermined to travel to Hell. Refering this affair, John Calvin wrote:“ The miscreant like the chosen are appointed to be so by the secret advocate of God ‘s will and by nil else ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes II, xxii, Page 11 ) .In a missive to Christopher Liertet, Calvin wrote,“ You are much deceived if you think that the ageless edicts of God can be so mutilated as that he shall hold chosen some to redemption but destined none to devastation. There must be a common relation between the chosen and the miscreant ” ( The Teaching of Calvin, Chapter Vl, Page 109 ) .

Again Calvin wrote,

“ Their destiny was the direct immediate assignment of God, justified so by their life but non in necessary effect.

He might hold saved them from their day of reckoning as He did in the instance of the chosen who were no more worthy in themselves to be saved ; but that day of reckoning was fixed from all infinity and nil in them could reassign them to the contrary category, any more than anything in the chosen could ensue in their going miscreant…

” ( Calvin ‘s Institute III, three, page 4 ) .This is wholly contrary to the Word of God ( 1 Timothy 2:34, II Peter 3:9, Acts 17:30, John 3:16-17, Ezekiel 33:11 ) . From the clip of Genesis 2:11 through Revelation 22:17, God has ever given adult male the right to take. God has ever said, “ Whosoever will may come ” ( Mark 8:34 ) .

Did God intend what he said? If we interpret the Word of God systematically and literally, it must be concluded that God meant what He said. To learn the philosophy of “ Unconditional Election ” is to add to the Scripture things which God did non learn and ne’er intended on work forces learning.As John Calvin taught Unconditional Election, it is non election at all. It is “ choice.

” If God did so choose some, as Calvin taught, but did non take them relative to anything separating one adult male morally from another, so God is a respecter of individuals. The Bible says, “ For there is no regard of individuals with God ” ( Romans 2:11 and Acts 10:34 ) .Bible-believing Baptist churchs do non accept Calvin ‘s instruction of Unconditional Election and Unconditional Damnation, but instead believes and teaches that whosoever will may come to Christ by the exercising of his ain will. It is our duty to give people the Gospel message, therefore giving them the chance to take Christ and be saved or reject Christ and be lost.The word predestination is found in merely two books of the Bible, Romans 8:29-30 and Ephesians 1:5,11. In both texts predestination speaks non of people being lost or saved, but instead of place or privilege to be shared in the hereafter by those who are already saved.

Limited Atonement

Calvin taught that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed merely for the chosen.

He taught that it was non for the non-elect. The Genevan of today, in order to mask his belief, has changed the 3rd point of Calvinism to Particular Redemption. Another name, but the same unorthodoxy. Regardless of what name is put on the instruction, it remains false philosophy.The Bible is as clear on this point as on any point of philosophy. Hebrews 2:9 declares that Christ tasted decease for every man.

. ” 1 Peter 2:1 reads as follows,“ But there were false Prophetss besides among the people, even as there shall be false instructors among you, who privily shall convey in execrable unorthodoxies, even denying the Lord that bought them and convey upon themselves fleet devastation. ”I John 2:2 says,“ And he ( Christ ) is the placation for our wickednesss ; and non for ours merely, but besides for the wickednesss of the whole universe. ”These poetries do non state or connote that Christ tasted decease for merely the chosen, or that He was the placation for merely the chosen.

Such instruction is heresy. It is a execrable philosophy to learn that the blood of Jesus Christ was non shed for all world since the beginning of the creative activity.There are some who would state us they accept the other four points of Calvin ‘s instruction, but do non accept Limited Atonement. If a individual accepts the instruction of John Calvin refering Entire Inability and Unconditional Election so he has no pick but to accept the instruction of Limited Atonement.

It is impossible to accept one without accepting the other.It could non be said that the blood of Christ was shed for all work forces in the visible radiation of Calvin ‘s statement,“ The miscreant like the chosen are appointed to be so by the secret advocate of God ‘s will ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes III, xxii, Page 11 ) and “ . . .their day of reckoning was fixed from all infinity and nil in them could reassign them to the contrary category… ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes III, three, Page 4 ) .

Bible-believing Baptist churchs do non accept the instruction of John Calvin refering Limited Atonement. We believe and teach that the blood of Christ was shed for all work forces and that it is effectual for the cleaning of wickedness for whosoever will come to Christ.

Irresistible Grace.

Following Unconditional Election, John Calvin taught that if a individual was one of the chosen for redemption, when God was/is ready for that individual to go a Christian, the individual would/will come to Christ ( non by pick, but as a automaton who can non defy the grace of God. ) .

Again, as in the instance of Limited Atonement, we find the modem twenty-four hours Calvinist seeking to mask or conceal his philosophy. They have changed the name of this instruction from Irresistible Grace to a different name, but it is the same unorthodoxy.God is a autonomous God.

We believe, embracing, rejoice in, and glorification in that truth. However, God in His sovereignty, chose to give adult male a free will and the ability to take or reject the Gospel. God did non make a automaton which would come to Christ automatically. Ephesians 1:12 says,“ That we should be to the congratulations of his glorification, who foremost trusted in Christ. ”What glorification and what congratulations would the fact that we trusted Christ be if we had no will in the affair?What would it intend if we could non hold perchance resisted His grace? NothingCalvin frequently referred to John 6:44-45 as a cogent evidence text ( Election and Conversion, pp 37, 67, 133 ) .

This poetry says,“ No adult male can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me pull him ; and I will raise him up at the last twenty-four hours. It is written in the Prophetss, and they shall be all taught of God. Every adult male therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me. ”These really verses refute John Calvin ‘s instruction of Irresistible Grace. The word draw does non intend “ force.

” Harmonizing to other texts in the Word of God, it can non perchance intend “ an resistless drawing ” . The same Greek word helkuo which is used for draw in verse 44 is found in John 12:32 which says, “ And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, will pull all work forces unto me. “ If the word draw in John 6:44 Teachs an resistless drawing, so the Bible would be learning in John 12:32 that all work forces would be overwhelmingly drawn.

We acknowledge that this is surely non go oning. The word draw in both texts means that Christ will pull all work forces. This is in understanding with the full Word of God.

God enlightens every adult male ( John 1:9 ) . God convicts every adult male ( John 16:8 ) . God draws every adult male ( John 12:32 ) . God leaves the pick to every adult male ( John 3:16 ) .

Irresistible Grace, within itself, is a phrase of contradiction. If it is resistless, it is non grace at all. An resistless grace would destruct the personal quality of the relationship between God and adult male which is established by grace and involves the free response of will to God ‘s love and grace.We see God ‘s grace being rejected by adult male in Proverbs 1:24-25. “ .

.. I have called and ye refused…

. ” . In Matthew 23:37 Christ said, “ How frequently would I have gathered.

.. and ye would non. ” In John 5:40 Christ said, “ And ye will non come to me, that ye might hold life.

” In Acts 7:51 Stephen says, “ Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in bosom and ears, ye do ever defy the Holy Ghost: as your male parents did, so do ye. ” ( See Matthew 22:3 and Isaiah 65:12. )Bible-believing Baptist churchs believe that God enlightens every adult male and draws every adult male. However, we believe and teach that God ‘s grace can be refused or rejected every bit good as accepted. We do non accept John Calvin ‘s instruction that God ‘s grace is resistless. There is non one transition of Bible that teaches that grace is overwhelmingly bestowed.

Doggedness of the Saints.

Many confuse this with the philosophy of Eternal Security. Calvin ‘s instruction on this point was wholly different from the Bible philosophy of Security. Calvin taught that a individual who is of the chosen will persist.

His instruction had nil whatsoever to make with the maintaining power of God. It was “ affair of fact ” in the sense that it was settled because you have been elected. He taught that if a individual did non persist to the terminal, he was non of the chosen and he had been merely a false professor. His accent was harmonizing to the above rubric: it was doggedness of the saints and non the saints being sealed by the Holy Spirit and kept by the power of God. Calvin ‘s instruction was wholly different from ageless security and wholly foreign to the Bible. Verses which teach that we are kept by the power of God include, but are non limited to, John 10:28,29 ; Romans 8:35-39 ; Ephesians 4:30 ; and I Peter 1:4,5.



.I would wish to do several observations in mention to the affair of the sovereignty of God, the free will of adult male, and the unusual instruction of John Calvin.The Sovereignty of God.

We believe in the sovereignty of God, but we believe that in the affair of redemption God leaves the concluding determination to adult male. God has elected a program of redemption. He has given adult male the free will to accept or reject that program.

We believe that without inquiry God knew, before the foundations of the universe, who would take to accept Christ and who would take to reject Christ. I Peter 1:2 says, “ Elect harmonizing to the precognition of God the Father…

. ” We do non believe that God decided, determined, elected, or selected who would and who would non have Christ.Confusing Footings.

In mention to modem-day Genevan footings, there is much confusion and misinterpretation. We hear the term Calvinist, Hyper Calvinist, Five-point Calvinist, and so we hear footings One-point, Two-point, Three-point, Four-point Calvinist, along with footings like Two and-a-half-point Calvinist. I fail to happen room for these footings, if we are speaking about the philosophy which Calvin embraced and taught.The five points which identify Calvin ‘s instruction ( outlined above and normally called “ TULIP ” ) are like dominos ; they stand or fall together. If a individual claims to be a One-Point ( Total Depravity ) Calvinist, if he believes the philosophy taught as Calvin taught it, so the individual must accept the other four points. If the individual believes in Total Inability ( without ability to take “ yes ” or “ no ” ) , so he has to accept the instruction that God unconditionally elected some to travel to Heaven and others to travel to Hell. If adult male has no will to make up one’s mind, so you must besides accept the instruction that person apart from adult male made the determination.

Person had to make up one’s mind. In Calvin ‘s instruction, that person was God. You must accept that God selected, in infinity yesteryear, who would be saved and who would non be saved, and that the determination by God was non comparative to anything which distinguished one adult male morally from another. There can be no other account, as there are no other options.The following Domino in line is Irresistible Grace.

If a individual believes in Total Inability, that belief demands that he accept Unconditional Election. The two together require that he besides believe Irresistible Grace. If you have no portion in the determination, so the lone manner staying for a individual to come to Christ is automatically.What is the following Domino? It is Calvin ‘s instruction of Limited Atonement. If you believe that God did so chosen or select that certain 1s would be saved and all the remainder of the human race would travel to Hell, so you must accept the philosophy of Limited Atonement. How can a individual say that he/ she believes the Blood of Christ was shed for the full universe, when he/ she believes that merely the chosen have any chance to be saved and the non-elect have no chance, no opportunity, no manner to be saved? In Calvin ‘s words, “ ..

. but their day of reckoning was fixed from all infinity and nil in them could reassign them to the contrary category, any more than anything in the chosen could ensue in their going miscreant… ” ( Calvin ‘s Institute III, three, Page 4 ) .

You can non accept one and reject the other. That would be dual talk.The philosophy of Perseverance, as taught by John Calvin, falls in the same line. It must be accepted along with the first four. If it is rejected in favour of the philosophy of Eternal Security, as taught and believed by Bible believing people, so the other four have no foundation on which to stand.

I see no room for a one- , two- , two-and-a-half- , three, three-and-a-half- , or four-point Calvinism. I see no difference between a Calvinist and a Hyper-Calvinist, or a Genevan and a five-point Genevan.Bible-believing Baptist churchs reject all five points of the philosophy called Calvinism which was founded in Hell ; surfaced by the instruction of Augustine, a Catholic saint in the Fourth Century ; and has been made celebrated and caused much confusion by John Calvin of the Reformed Church in the Fifteenth Century. John Calvin wrote commentaries on most of the books of the Bible, commentaries which received the indorsement of being “ better than most ” by the ill-famed Karl Barth.Contradictions. While on II Peter 2:1, refering “ Damnable Heresies. ” Curate Charles Britt said, “ There is one manner to descry a heretic ” ( or those who teach false philosophy ) – He said, “ Ask them ‘What must a individual make to be saved? ” If the inquiry is directed to a individual who believes and preaches the philosophy of John Calvin and he answers, “ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, ” so that involves adult male ‘s will and his reply is beliing his philosophy.

He should reply, “ In order for you to be saved, you must be one of the chosen and so you can believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. If you are non one of the chosen, so there is nil that you can perchance make to be saved. ”He might besides reply, “ You must wait until there is a ‘drawing ‘ which you can non defy ; so you will be saved because you will automatically be saved if you are one of the chosen.

”I have ne’er read stuff written by a Calvinist or a so called Genevan, when his statements did non continually belie his philosophy.The instruction of the philosophy of John Calvin, the Reformer, causes confusion everywhere it is discussed, leaves unanswerable inquiries, and creates discord and division. We have seen plants and full mission Fieldss divided and destroyed by the philosophy of John Calvin. God keep us from this unorthodoxy.

Bible poetries refering a heretic

“ A adult male that is a heretic after the first and 2nd warning cull ; cognizing that he that is such is subverted, and a evildoer, being condemned of himself ” ( Titus 3:10-11 ) .Attempts at Justification.

Men, speech production of other work forces ( by and large their friends ) who are admitted Genevans, in an effort to warrant them, have said, “ Yes, he is a Genevan, but he wins as many psyches as any one I know. “ Winning psyche will non warrant learning false philosophy any more than a sermonizer, by winning psyches, can construct up adequate virtues with God to countervail the consequences of falling into wickedness, as some would hold us to believe.Additional False Doctrine. Two other false philosophies which John Calvin, the Reformer, taught autumn in the same class, unorthodoxy.

Calvin believed and taught that church rank was necessary for redemption. His place is clearly expressed in the Westminster Confession,“ Harmonizing to which out of the seeable church there is no ordinary possibility of redemption. ”“ The church is no formless, mistily defined organic structure, a hit-or-miss aggregation of persons by chance, temporarily, and slackly associated by ground of common beliefs or understandings. It is non an establishment toward which 1 might follow an attitude of indifference, or with which professing Christians might worsen to come in into dealingss. To stand outside of the church is to cut oneself off from God ‘s depot of the staff of life of life, for the Church is the domain within which the grace of God entirely operates. It is the exclusive reservoir and distributer of the approvals of the Gospel otherwise unachievable.

Merely by the forgiveness of wickednesss was entrance into it to be gained, for without forgiveness we can hold no brotherhood with God. But that benefit is so curious to the Church that we can non bask it unless we continue in Communion with the Church ” ( Calvin ‘s Institutes IV, I, page 20 ; four, page 10 ; Comm. Romans xiii, 8 ; ( Institute IV, I, page 22 ) .Calvin besides taught that infant baptism was acceptable. He said,“ By infant baptism, regeneration is begun though wickedness remains, but disapprobation ceases because guilt is no longer charged. It is like a sealed charter by which God gives verification that all our wickednesss are so erased, canceled, and blotted out, that they may ne’er come in His sight nor be rehearsed or imputed ” ( The Teaching of John Calvin, Chapter IX, portion Vl, page 175 ) .

The Deadening Effect. Let me cite once more from The Teachings ; of John Calvin, Chapter VIII portion III, page 159,“ It may be that the larger hope which Calvin countenanced was to some extent responsible for his attitude of indifference to heathen peoples. He left them to the stamp clemencies of God and displayed no hint of missional enthusiasm. ”How wholly contrary to all that the Holy Spirit of God emphasized in the Word of God.

The Word of God says

“ The Lord is non loose refering his promise, as some work forces count inanition ; but is longsuffering to us-ward, non willing that any should die, but that all should come to repentance ” ( II Peter 3:9 ) .

The Bible stopping points by stating

“ And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And allow him that heareth say, Come. And allow him that is hungry semen.

And whosoever will allow him take the H2O of life freely ” ( Revelation 22:17 ) .Bible-believing Baptist churchs reject all five points of the philosophy taught by John Calvin which is normally called TULIP.Summary. In world the philosophy of Calvinism is diametrically opposed to and is an onslaught on the true and simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so dissident to learn that God, in infinity yesteryear, without regard to any determination which He foreknew that we would do, appointed some people to travel to Heaven and predestined others to travel to Hell. In I John 2:2 the Bible says, “ He is the placation for our wickednesss ; and non for ours merely, but besides for the wickednesss of the whole universe ” .

God ‘s Sovereignty

Man ‘s Free Will And Responsibility

We have been told on a figure of occasions that there are two great philosophies in the Word of God ; the sovereignty of God and the free will and duty of adult male. We have been told that we must accept both philosophies, even though we can non, in our finite heads, reconcile the two. By stating God is autonomous, if one means that God is 100 % dominate in 100 % of the personal businesss of adult male get downing with redemption, so we must reject the above statement.We accept the fact that God could be sovereign in all the personal businesss of work forces and that He could decree every minute item of adult male ‘s life. That God could make so is non problematic. He is God. However, we believe that God, in His sovereignty, intentionally limited Himself, in that He gave adult male a free will. This in no manner discredits or dishonors the sovereignty of God.

We believe that God knows/knew before the foundation of the universe, every determination adult male would do and every item of adult male ‘s life ( 1 Peter 1:2 ) . We do non accept the instruction that says God decreed all of those determinations, inside informations, and actions.If God ‘s sovereignty extends past the free will of adult male, or if it is said that adult male ‘s free will ever move in harmoniousness with God ‘s crowned head edicts, so the alleged crowned head edicts of God, carried out in the day-to-day life of adult male, are in continual struggle with God ‘s Word, nature, character, and sanctity. It would show 1000s of theological jobs which are unacceptable in visible radiation of godly disclosure. Man carry throughing God ‘s preordained edicts would make a mechanical being which would go forth no room for existent human duty or answerability or evidences for the righteous judgement of God.In Exodus 20:34a God said, “ Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

Thou shalt non do unto thee any sculpted image. ” Could the same God that said the above be charged with decreeing, before the foundation of the universe, that the Israelites under the counsel of Aaron would with an scratching tool make a liquefied calf of gold and declare, “ … These be thy Gods… ” ( Exodus 32:4a ) ? Then in Exodus 32:7 God said, “ .

.. thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves… ” To learn that God commanded one thing and decreed that people would make the antonym is wholly inconsistent and unacceptable.There are 1000000s of people who have “ other Gods ” today.

Can God be blamed with decreeing that work forces would hold other Gods when He had antecedently commanded them non to hold other Gods? No. That is impossible.In Exodus 20:14 God said, “ Thou shalt non perpetrate adultery. “ To learn that King David, by the edict of God ( along with many work forces, some of them sermonizers whom we can call ) , would perpetrate criminal conversation is blasphemy. The same God who said, “ I am Holy, ” can non be charged with decreeing David ‘s wickedness nor the wickednesss of whomever. That type of divinity is an onslaught on the character and sanctity of God ( fifty Peter 1:15-16 ) .The Bible says, “ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and everlastingly ” ( Hebrews 13:8 ) . He can non alter.

He does non alter ( Malachi 3:6 ) . He is ne’er inconsistent. He ne’er lays aside His sanctity.We could go on and do an ageless list of such things as the above, but this clearly illustrates the point. Man has a free will and Acts of the Apostless independently of God ‘s sovereignty ( non knowledge ) because God decreed and granted that adult male would hold that privilege.

Man is responsible for his actions.If we accept the instruction that God is sovereign in all things, we must halt sermon that no adult male in Hell will indicate his finger at God and state, “ You are to fault. ” Certainly it would be said that God is to fault if ageless fate is appointed and settled before the foundation of the universe, and non based on any determination that God foreknew that adult male would do.We must halt being difficult on people who commit criminal conversation. They can merely state, “ I could non assist myself. God had already decreed that I would perpetrate adultery. “ We must halt sermon against all wickedness if we believe that God is 100 % crowned head in the personal businesss of work forces and has decreed all things.

Again, I am non talking of precognition ; I am talking of designing/ decreeing all things. To learn that God decreed all the wickednesss that world is perpetrating is unacceptable and constitutes blasphemy.We believe that God foreknows every dotting of the “ I ” and every crossing of the “ T ” but we do non believe that He decreed all of the dotting and the crossing. We believe that God is autonomous and could hold decreed all things, but chose non to make so. We believe He chose, in His sovereignty, to give adult male a free will. Therefore, we believe that adult male has a free will, which God draws, enlightens, attracts, inmates, impresses, but does non rule ; and adult male is wholly responsible for his actions, wickednesss, ideas, words, and all he does.

We do non believe that the sovereignty of God and the free will and duty of adult male are two philosophies in the Word of God which can non be reconciled by our finite heads but must be accepted.We believe in the free will and the duty of adult male. We believe in the sovereignty of God. We believe that God, in His sovereignty, limited that sovereignty and gave adult male a free will and made him responsible.

We believe that God foreknows every item of all that has happened and will go on on the Earth.