Rejection someoneYou extend your hand and the person

Rejection is an everyday part of our lives and it sucks.  We as humans are raised to get used to disappointment and many of our actions are determined by our levels of the fear of being rejected. And the reason this sucks is because our species depends on us being social and interacting with each other regardless of how anti social some of us are. As an introvert I can tell you that being around people tires me out, I enjoy being with them and doing activities together but I need my isolation every now and then, I think a lot of you can agree on that. Anyway,  despite how smoothly you think your life is going, you’re bound to run into rejection the moment you set foot outside of your home, which luckily,  I don’t do very often. ### Asking the store employee for helpMe: Excuse me, sorry, hi, do you happen to sell this in green? Store employee: All available colours are already on the shelf. ### Ordering take-out from the menuMe: I’m going to have Vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice cream. Waiter: O sorry we don’t have any more take away cups. Me: OK,  can I pay with my debit card? Waiter: O sorry,  we only take cash. ### Trying to give a tip to the waiter. Me: wow,  I really liked the way you served me,  here’s twenty dollars for you. Waiter: Sorry sir,  we don’t accept tips. ### Trying to shake someoneYou extend your hand and the person ignores it. ### Going early to catch the busYou come out early to catch the bus, as you approach the bus stop,  you see the bus leaving without you. ### Doors that pull when you expect then to push.### Rejected University application When you say the word rejection,  alot of people have the idea of romantic rejection in mind. You’re in a classroom, office or wherever and you find yourself infatuated with a colleague; he/she is cute,  with a charming  smile, you liked the way he/ she said your name correctly, a task others before her may have had trouble with, whatever the attraction may be. How do you go about derailing your life and potentially hers in order to build a new track with her? It’s easy, just go for it, just talk to them, have a conversation, be genuine. If they’re not interested, that’s fine, it doesn’t change who you are at all,  nor does it diminish your value as a person. Don’t depend on others for self validation, just come out of it knowing the next time you’re interested in someone,  it can’t be as difficult as the first time.