Relaxing and calming time

The barbershop would be relaxing and calming time for people; a quality barbershop should be a place where you can get away from it all for a short period of time. One of the major keys to success in any customer service-oriented industry is creating customer loyalty. Customer service is defined as assistance and other resources that a company provides to the people who buy or use their products or services. The term loyalty can be described as ones faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Good customer service and loyalty work hand and hand and it also works for both the business and the customer. This Is particularly Important In a barbershop, where customers may need to return every 1-4 weeks to maintain their desired cut/look. In most cases once a person finds a good barber that can give them the desired look each time they become a loyal customer and also they are more likely to spread the word about the business because of the professional staff and also the timely services thieve receiving.

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In order to create a smooth, reliable, and comfortable environment for clients, a barber must be able to provide a high standard of customer care that sets them apart from another barber. Upon entering the barbershop the client should be greeted in a friendly manner and then they are checked in by the receptionist for their appointment. After being checked in for an appointment, the customer can be directed to the waiting area where they can relax with reading material or look at TV, even enjoy a cup of coffee or a bottle of water.

In a timely manner the barber will come and get them from the waiting area and greet complete it’s Just as important to make the customer feel valued, as they’re walking out the door the same as when he/she entered for services. Solutions to resolve this sue could be as simple as having a system put in place upon a customer entering the barbershop with a receptionist to sign each client in, delegate them to a barber. With a receptionist in place you are addressing all issues at once.

The receptionist will greet the customer, sign them in, and let them know someone will be with them in a timely fashion. Not all barbershops maybe able to afford to pay an receptionist. Another alternative to providing good customer service would be to make sure that when a customer walks in the door that the barbers are required to greet them by eying “Welcome to whatever the name of the shop is”. Once the customer has been greeted the barber will tell them that someone will be with them shortly.

If a barber recognizes one of the clients walking in as one of their own then it will be up to them to advise their client of the wait time if any. With either alternative good customer is being provided because the customer is being greeted and recognized as coming into the establishment. This will make the customer feel welcome and to feel like they are in a place where their loyalty and support is appreciated and they know they are not Just another number. Customer service, plus a system being put in place is the simple solution to this issue.

To measure the worth of each alternative listed in the previous paragraph Customer service is the most important; ensure that each customer is greeted upon entry. Barbers are notified by the receptionist, according to who is next in rotation to be serviced if the barbershop has a receptionist, If not it will be explained to the barbers upon being hired that it’s their responsibility to greet each customer upon their arrival. An accurate log will be kept by receptionist that shows increase/ crease in volume of customers and sales. With the log you will also have customers email address to send out future promotions. Also with this system the clients will be able to go online and schedule their appointments and select the services they would like to receive. Once the client has selected the services the appointment time and date will be sent to the barber of their choice. The timing in which this system will take to be implemented is based on the receptionist training, the cost of this system is little to none, and everything is documented and filed daily.

The research needed to determine the best recommended alternative to employers is to examine our products, services, marketing techniques, pricing, location, etc. One of the best ways to understand our competitors is to visit their establishments as a customer and see how they conduct business. Often time’s customers will also provide some feedback about other experiences they have had at other barbershops. This will also give you some insight as to ways to improve your services and add services and possibly discontinue some services.

Advertisement is also a way to help roved good customer service and also provides an opportunity for you to see what the competitors are doing. Advertisement comes in many forms internet, postcards, various types of signage. Ads in newsletters and the newspaper are important as well and good forms of advertisement. A good way to make this conclusion is to evaluate the results of the advertising by seeing how many clients come in with coupons or several data collection methods among our clients, such as observing clients, interviewing them, administrating questionnaires with them, and possibly developing some case studies. References