Response to Chloe Caldwell

In the Northwest, we live a pretty slow paced life full Of outdoor activity and adventure but in the East, especially New York, they live a fast paced life full of business meetings, and traffic. Caldwell illustrates her opinion and, story on living life in New York. Caldwell imposes that living in New York is all about the fast paced life and doing drugs, alcohol, staying up all night, and falling in love. Throughout the whole entire story there is this reoccurring theme of love. At each address that she gives there is a sentence uttered ….

Fail in love all over again. ” (Caldwell paragraph 4) or some similar version of that sentence is used. This sentence tells us that regardless of all the bad things in this world that a little love can always be found somewhere. Which falling in love with whatever it may be is an example of what Livingston life to the fullest is. I believe without a love of something or someone you’re really not living your life at all. It also brings us to wonder if maybe at one time or another the author may have struggled with love.

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Besides love, drugs, and alcohol they all played a pivotal role in Caldwell story. This story is riddled with drugs and alcohol and at one point in the story he author leads us to believe that doing drugs is equal to loving life by saying ” …. 1 am having a hangover from heroin… We decided to go to bed early one night and wake up at five a. M. To jump into the East river. ” (Caldwell page 2) From that one statement a reader could gather that the author associates living life to the fullest with the consumption of drugs.

Doing drugs is not living life to the fullest in my opinion I think that doing drugs is a huge waste of time because there are huge consequences of doing drugs. Doing drugs is mainly a live in the moment thing. This leaves the reader puzzled as to the author’s intentions. Caldwell then surprises readers by moving to Seattle, Washington where she is living a completely different life from the life she was living in New York. Instead Of drugs being the main focus Of Seattle we are given a single sentence that defines life in the Northwest. It sounds like New York is for you what the mountains are to me. ” (Caldwell page 5) with this one sentence we see that in the Northwest life is, so much calmer, and not so focused on drugs and craziness. It makes a reader wonder if at some point the author had intentionally moved away from New York and all the craziness, so she could start a new normal sober life. I guess you can’t blame Caldwell doing drugs and having fun is only good for a short period of time.

Then there is a sort of yearning to want to have a normal life. The fast paced drug fueled life that is illustrated to us is scary. As a North westerner we experience drugs but usually on a second hand basis. We see how it ruins people’s lives and what, if anything that they have left afterwards. Chloe Gadwall shares an amazing story of what we are to assume is of her life experience of her firsthand account of what her life on drugs feels like, and what happens when you move away from it all.

Yes you are attempting to live a better life but you also leave behind a life that at one time found comfort in, and appreciated. In this story she think is trying to say that by doing drugs, and partying all day, implies that they are living life to the fullest, which in their case may be living life to the fullest. In my reality, drugs and partying is just a huge Waste Of time. If anything this Story gives inspiration knowing that one can move away from the chaos and live a better and free life.