Technology responsibility is an ethical and personal responsibility of an individual. Technology has become an integral part of everyday life in the workplace and in many individuals’ personal social networks.

Most individuals touch their smartness, tablets, laptops, or desktops more than they touch their spouse or loved one throughout the day. Phone calls have been replaced with text messaging and hand written thanking cards have been replaced with email messages.Communicating face to face or on the telephone has become somewhat of an Inconvenience. The continual advancement In technology will reinforce the need for Individuals to take responsibility for the possible barriers and distractions that technology can induce on a work or personal environment. In the workplace, technology Is a necessity and communicating effectively Vela email can be a challenge at best. Why do I need to send an email or text message to my colleague that sits two offices away?Can’t I Just get up out of my seat and talk face to face to Joey? I fell that the most Important part of communication Is being In tune with your audience. How can you know if your audience understands you if you are putting your demands n an email? Do you see their body language? Can you see their distant stares? Is the person you are trying to get your point across to not listening? These are a few anecdotes that cannot be avoided if you are communicating in person with a responsibility in the classroom as well as the workplace.

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It is very easy to get sidetracked by the buzzing of your electronic device while the instructor is giving a lecture, I know I have been a victim of quickly checking my phone for messages in class. I feel it is a student’s responsibility to turn off all electronic devices while in a lassoer atmosphere as to not distract from the reason we are there in the first place… To learn.

I know that I will do my part, how about you? On a personal level, focusing on the task at hand is Just as or more important than in your work environment.It is imperative to focus on my family when I am with them and it is my personal responsibility to be aware of the distractions technology can place on my family. Putting away my smartened or tablet while I am having a sit down dinner with my family is an action that is a necessity. Sitting on a laptop or surfing the web on my tablet is not quality time spent with my daughters. Family time should not be communicated via text message and electronics should be kept out of the bedroom unless that is the only charge you are looking for in bed.Hands free communications in the car or turning off the television and going outside are two easy ways to have a healthier and safer life.

These actions I choose to instill in my children so I must lead through example. It is up to individuals in our society to make the technological difference with communication. An individual can choose to use technology for advancement or an individual can use technology to hinder communications progress in our society.