Resume writing

Resume writing is a writing style where people show their backgrounds, passions, interest, experience and skills. To get a job in the modern world, resume writing is a must. This type of writing deals with aspects of the previous jobs, your knowledge and experience. Resume should mention all the educational achievements of a person, as well as represent a summary of all academics and work qualifications.

Mostly, the length of your resume should be short; maximum size of your resume should not exceed 2 to 3 pages long, meanwhile the perfect length is just one page. During the resume writing, keep in mind that in such a short length you should explain all the skills related to the job, as well as information which will help you to show your employer that you fit a job excellently.

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Resume writing is precise, thus, it is recommended to write your resume carefully and wisely. Whenever you start writing it, you must add all your basic information and short biography which covers your main achievements. Most common font for resume writing is Times New Roman with size of 10 to 12. However, you can use some similar fonts such as Calibri or Arial. You can make your headings in a little bit bigger size than main body content, or just keep them empty. Also, use 1 inch margins from all around. It’s the most common style of resume formatting in the world.

Make sure that all your contact information, such as email address or phone number is present, so your employer can be in touch with you anytime he or she needs it. The second best thing to alter your resume writing is add subject or objective which will make it easy for your Manager to understand your skills and excellence. The usage of keywords, the words which are related to the job what you are applying to, will increase the chances of your possible employment.

There are 4 basic types of resumes to select from: chronological, functional, combination and targeted. Select your resume type from the beginning to achieve better results in the end. Personalize your resume, its good, its hard work, but it’s worth it. Do not include any family related information, such as name of the wife, amount of kids etc, neither do not provide any unnecessary information such as your height, weight and so on. When your employer is looking at your resume, he or she is only interested in your professional skills, and not in your personal life. Keep in mind that resume writing will help your employer to understand your abilities and needs, as well as serve as your identification. Whenever you start resume writing, you will spend a noticeable amount of time during its preparation, which makes it more appealing. Remember that your resume will make sure that the employer get the picture of you and based on it will take a decision in regard to your further cooperation.

Information that you should include into your resume
Personal profile and identification

Shortly summarize your skills, previous experience, achievements and future goals which you want to achieve at the position what you are applying to. List your name and surname, email address and the phone number. Remember, all your contact information should be located at the top of the page.

Objectives (Optional)

If you like, you may include objectives into your resume. This sections states your preferable job position or working field, as well as information about your goals what you want to achieve at the particular position.

Education and Degree

This is certainly one of the most important section to which employers are paying a lot of attention. Here you should list your High School where you graduated from, University, Degree and specialty. Do not forget to put dates for each education period, when started and when ended. For example: University Of Michigan (2005-2011). Add institution’s addresses. In case you have a good GPA score or any honors, include such information as well.

Previous Work Experience

At this section you are required to mention all previous positions where you used to work. Put here the name of companies and all your previous job experience. Do not forget to mention employment dates, when started and when ended. Company’s addresses, locations and contact information should be included as well. You may add here the list of tasks what you have been doing at each position, your responsibilities, achievements and gained skills.

Interests, skills and hobbies

As well as all listed above, you may optionally include in your resume your interests, skills and hobbies. You may list here your familiarity with computer programs, knowledge of foreign languages or any other job related skills. If you want to tell more about your personality, you may include here your interests or off job hobbies, such as reading or sport.

Resume writing is kind of your personal statement. With your resume you create an impression over your future employer. The resume you write must be accurate and true. Resume writing is a way for self praising yourself. With this file in your hand you may apply for the almost any job interview.

Resume writing is a way of giving a clear picture about your personality to your employer. If your writing is perfect, then people will be curious to meet you. Therefore, it is evident to present your resume in a way that it creates an impression of excellence.

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