Qualifications and Skills

I am familiar with working overtime at the discretion of my supervisor and also being on call.

I believe my qualifications and skills match your requirements in the following ways:

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  • Safety

In my past work history, I have never had a lost time accident. While in the military, I was In charge of decision making that effected lives and using MASS documents. I also attended weekly safety meetings and tailboards. At Northwest Lineman College, I earned my certifications In OSHA 1910.

269, first aid. CPRM, vault cues, and pole-top rescue. During my tenure at Northwest Lineman College.Safety awareness is my number one priority, safety is paramount.

Communication was key in my past occupation and communication is vital in being a pre-apprentice lineman.

  • Skills

At Northwest Lineman College, I received over 500 hours in construction and maintenance of overhead and underground distribution and transmission system. Eighty percent of my training was In the field aqualung skills In climbing wood poles above 35 feet and ground man skills. Most Importantly working wealth a team, and promoting a positive work environment.

I can operate boom trucks, portable/ hydraulic tools, and other related equipment in the electric field. I am very adaptable and confident have the skills to succeed as a PEG&E employee. I have the ability to operate personal computers and interpersonal communications.

  • Knowledge

At Northwest Lineman College, I completed courses on electrical systems, electricity, rigging, transformers, personal protective equipment, grounding, and many more with a GAP of 4. . PEG&E demands the best and most disciplined employees.

I know from my past occupations that I have the skills, discipline, and motivation to complete every Job on time in a safely manner, safety is my number one value.

  • Certifications

I have my class A permit. I currently hold certifications in emergency rescue in pole- top and aerial lift rescue, first aid, line truck operations, commercial driver’s license permit, and I am a certified climber. Value my co-workers’ opinions and strive to work as safely as I can while promoting a costive work environment and building strategic working relationships.

I am committed to contributing to the team’s success, I will never quit until the Job is completed. It would be my prestigious honor to be selected for an interview at PEG. I have attached my resume for your review. If you need or would like more information about my past, please feel free to contact me at 209-747-4037, otherwise I will contact you in two weeks to follow up with my employment opportunity. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Thank You. Sincerely,