Retirement the physical symptoms of depression can also

Retirement is a beginning of a new life, you adopt a whole new lifestyle where you have no idea how to spend your free time. This transition from working life needs time and it can become a cause of depression in many retirees. Consider the following example: Mr.

John wakes up at 7’o clock every day. He is a banker, passionate about his work. He goes off to his office at 9’o clock and has a fixed schedule for his day which he pretty much follows for the rest of the week, month and years.

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Now think for a moment what will happen if he has to quit working altogether. For some people, it would mean a period of fun and relaxation, a time to shed all your responsibilities, to truly enjoy life but sadly for many, it leads to frustration and anger.You would think that each one of us experiences sadness and it is not a cause of worry, yet what most people don’t realize is that if these feelings linger on for an extended period of time, it is maybe a sign of depression.

Factors of depression at phase of retirement are numerous. Mostly people at the time of their retirement are completely engrossed in their jobs. When these professionals settle for a different lifestyle, they experience a void, an emptiness which can lead to feelings of guilt, loss of confidence, lack of interest and at more extreme levels, suicidal thoughts.Besides this, the physical symptoms of depression can also not be ignored. Exhaustion, sleeping problems and a sudden increase or decrease in weight are the immediate aftermaths an individual can face after he retires.Coming back to Mr.

John, you might be interested to know what he can do to combat depression. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of steps he can take to make a smooth-sailing into life after depression. While there are certain lifestyle changes he can adopt, it also never hurts to invest in a well- secured insurance plan for your future.

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 are worth checking out.Preventing Depression after Retirement:Many people feel an immediate sense of excitement and euphoria after retiring but usually it is short-lived. Monotonous and dull daily life can take a serious toll on your health. Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track.1)    Plan for tomorrowIt is never too early to start thinking about your wants after retirement.

Writing it down is even better. Your time belongs to you and you should have a clear idea of what to do with it. Do not wait till retirement, make clear goals and plan ahead on how you will achieve them.2)    Schedule activities Do not fool yourself by thinking that retirement will mean rising late and doing whatever you want, your days will quickly turn into an endless chaos of boredom. Instead, plan your activities in a proper manner. Establish a workable routine and make sure you stick to it.

Give equal time to physical and mental activities, spend time with others and work on your own happiness. 3)    Aim for a balanced lifestyleStaying in shape is beneficial for both physical and mental health and as you age it becomes more important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is therefore a crucial part of your well-being. Eat a varied and balanced diet, keep active and go for regular health checks. Also, consider building social connections. Attend sports and seminars, travel and join community groups.

4)    Obtain a HealthCare Plan It is never too late to think about your future. A well balanced plan will ease your transition to the next phase of your life and provide you with a rewarding retirement. The search for the right plan is now easier and well within your reach. Check out Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 and select one according to your needs and requirements.

 5)    Seek HelpIf you feel that you are noticing depressive symptoms for quite some time, it is better to seek professional help. There are different treatments like medications and cognitive behavioral therapy which will help patients in combating this illness.