Review of Related Literature In the whole world,

Review of Related

the whole world, effective teaching strategies is very important in the world
or dome of education in achieving a quality learning which is true to all
individual regardless with the gender, age, economic status or even ethnicity.
It can often times leave a legacy to the students and a great honor to the
teachers who are dedicated to embark them the venom of knowledge and wisdom
which can make them stand out at all cost. Achieving a timely good teaching
strategies can create and can be used to engage the students in thinking
critically and creatively upon reflecting the learning process.

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according to Bonwell and Fison 1991, active learning instructional strategies
include a wide range of activities that share common element of “involving
students in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing”.

speaking, providing an instructional learning strategies for the students is
very relevant in order to engage your learners to make them captivated and
regenerated to learn new things which they already done that before without
knowing that it is part of the scope of the lesson which she/he is starting to
work on today.

            In Astin
(1985) he emphasizes student involvement as the amount of physical and
psychological energy that students devote to their academic experience.
Consequently, Alder (1987) He stated that all genuine learning is active not
passive. It involves the use of mind, not just the memory. It is the process of
discovery in which students is the main agent, not the teacher.

when the learners are said to be actively involved in the
instructional/learning task they are said to become passive when receiving the
recipient instruction. But what makes it increasingly clear is the experience
lecturing or advising a large number of learners who passively expect to absorb
ideas and instruction are actually demanding an intense deductive and inductive
mental activity partnered with personal experience. As what Teton Lacote
Indians states “tell me and I’ll listen. Show me and I’ll understand. Involve
me and I’ll learn.

            In the
Philippine context we are also upholding and promoting qualified teachers given
that they have owned a strategic instruction in giving the students the medium
of learning. In fact the Philippine embraces already the truth about having the
great and qualifies teaching strategies to make them feel comfortable and
renowned in throwing up the lessons to the students thoroughly.

            In the
citation of Villalino (2010), he said that in the Philippines there are areas
where enrolment is low or there is a lack of teachers making it necessary for
different grade levels to be combined. Thus, in areas that are isolated and
sparsely populated, geographically inaccessible, or deficient in educational
resources, multigrade classes have adopted a strategy to ensure education for
all. “As of school year 2008-2009, there were 37,697 public elementary schools,
and 12,225 of this (32%) were multigrade in nature.

Hence, there are researches that show that aside from
providing access, multigrade instructions deliver the same kind of education as
monograde classes and in some cases, improves the effectiveness of educational
delivery and contributes to the social development of pupils that was according
to Little (2004).

This would merely means that multigrade schools should
perform great teachings strategies to make a learning outcome productive and
useful in the productivity and application of the new ideas for students who
receives the quality learning that the teachers had provided. The Department of
Education (DepEd) in the Philippines tries to emphasize that the teacher in the
multigrade school should provide a great classroom management such as providing
enhance training techniques or strategies to make the learning straight

the Philippine Education For All (PEFA) 2015 they had a vision focusing on the
holistic program reforms that aims at improving the quality of basic education
for every Filipino by the year 2015.

in the study of (Lucena & San Jose, 2016) about Co-operative learning in
enhancing the speaking skills of students both came from University of
Mindanao, Davao City.   They tried uncovered the truth behind
cooperative learning as an approach to effectively enhance the speaking skill
of students in Vicente Hizon Sr. Elementary School. They believe that this
approach could help the students to reveal fearlessly the reluctant ideas and
opinions regarding some concepts discussed in the class.

all of this we need to provide ourselves the understanding about the different
kinds of teaching strategies and approaches used by the teachers to accommodate
the different aspect of the students in every aspect in order to achieve a
satisfactory outcome at the end of every topic. We should also broaden our mind
that there are a lot of concept given to us by the teacher and it is expected
to be deliver in any convenient strategy that the teacher thinks to deliver the
lesson efficiently, clearly and effectively at all times.