Reward system

There connection between human motivation and behavior modification In my opinion and that Is because all behavior follows a set of consistent rules.

Methods can be developed for defining, observing, and measuring behaviors, as well as designing effective Interventions. Behavior modification techniques never fall. Rather, they are either applied Inefficiently or Inconsistently, which leads to less than desired change.

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All behavior is maintained, changed, or shaped by the consequences of that behavior.Could it be for positive or negative reinforcement or positive or negative punishment. With that said human motivation is that desire that fuels us to do certain things based on our wants and needs. If a person wishes to meet these wants and needs, then it necessitates him or her to motivate himself so that he can make certain moves. A person is unique and apart from another so his wants and needs vary greatly from that of the other.

The same is true for the people’s levels of motivation.I completely agree with you and I see where you coming from for me the decision to increase your motivation is the key to the bringing a greater sense of it for yourself. Putting greater focus on the things that you want to achieve until you actually accomplish them can do this.

The stronger your focus is on the goal, the greater the motivation will be. The truth of the matter is if you are unable to keep track of your goals, it can be generalized that you do not really desire to achieve it.Motivation can mom naturally, and no amount of inspirational talk will set you to action if you really are not into taking the goal seriously. I really Like your post and many things you talked about bring me to see your perspective. In my opinion, Setting goals that stir positive feelings within you are important to keep yourself motivated. Once you have found these, focus yourself on being able to get a hold of them. There will be a lot of distractions so pick up at a comfortable pace and make things happen.Motivation involves the total understanding of the self.

Receiving rewards is one reason for being motivated, but beyond that is a set of benefits that are more valuable than concrete rewards. These can be enhanced work output, more productivity, better work habits, and an increased of understanding of yourself. Good morning professor.

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