Rhetorical Essay

It is a cloudy but nice day summer day. The tree trunk is shown with dark rough bark and covered in mossy patches. It is wide in girth with long full branches extending out. It is a perfect tree for climbing. There are fallen dry dead leaves surrounding and covering the area at the bottom of the tree. The branches are thick and sturdy looking; full of large bright green leafs. A boy who looks to be between 12-15 years old is in the beginning stages of climbing the trunk of the tree.

He is Caucasian with blonde hair, wearing blue knee length shorts, a worth-sleeve white button down plaid shirt and dark low cut tennis shoes.The boy is clearly overweight and is struggling to climb the trunk of the tree. Hanging from the middle of one of the large lower branches there is a ASS gaming system and controller wrapped around the branch dangling in the air. It is high enough in the tree that it cannot be reached from the ground. The boy who is a few feet above the ground clinging to the trunk of the tree is looking at his game system as though he is desperate to get it back.

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So much so, he is willing to exert the energy to climb the tree o do so. In the lower right corner of the ad is the text “Encourage your children to do more sport” with the BOLD logo next to it.The social significance of the ad addresses the childhood obesity epidemic all over the world. To parents as the primary intended audience, the gaming system hanging from the tree represents not only a cause but a historical point as well. When gaming systems became available to have in homes, kids started spending more time sitting and playing video games instead of being outside and active. The ad serves as a reminder and motivator for parents with bees children as well as a deterrent for those whose children are not overweight, while also serving as a hidden reminder to limit the amount of time children spend using electronics.The pathos element is the strongest of three to use when attempting to persuade someone of something.

In this case, playing on the emotions of parents to take action and encourage their children to be active. The overweight child pictured in the ad is meant to look like the everyday kid and thus causing parents who see the ad to relate him to their own child. Emotions of guilt, worry and ear are played upon enough to make a parent consider taking action but this is also done with humorous undertones as if to tell the parent it’s not too late to do something about it.The parents may need to practice a little tough love with their child. The gaming system represents a cause of his obesity has been intentionally wrapped around and left dangling from one of the outer branches. This also cues the parents that they may need to resort to creative means in order to get their child active and find activities that they will enjoy and want to continue doing, even if that means implementing a rewards system for their physical work, such as getting their game system out of the tree.The logic of the ad is simple and obvious by implying the child is overweight because he spends too much time on his gaming system instead of playing sports.

The caption under the picture states “encourage your children to do more sport”. This shows an obvious avenue for children to get active. The company is using humor about a serious epidemic that is childhood obesity.

It is a real issue that can affect anyone, anywhere and the cure may also be found anywhere. The location of the tree in the ad is very deliberate.The tree and the yard shown in the ad are in a residential area, thus showing parents there are ways to get children active in their own neighborhoods that do not require money or special equipment. Anyone anywhere can do this. The element of credibility is lent to the ad simply by the Belgian Association for Obese Patients (BOLD) logo placed in the bottom corner of the ad. The fact that it is not trying to persuade anyone to buy anything also subconsciously adds credibility.

This is a straight-forward public revive ad urging people to get their children off the couch and outside and active.The organization is not trying to convince parents to buy fancy equipment or Join gym The effective use humor is successful in this ad to address a serious issue to parents everywhere. Childhood obesity is an issue that affects kids in countries all over the world. Children are spending far too much time using electronics instead of being active and playing sports is Just one avenue kids and parents can use to combat obesity. The ad utilized emotions to invoke guilt and fear, urging parents to find a ay to get their kids “unplugged” and active.