Risks staff and tenants. This situation could be

Risks to Housing Organisations4.

0 Risks of from the welfare reform are the benefit capsand removal of automatic housing benefit entitlement, there’s also a benefitcap on Universal Credit. These risks would impact on organisations byincreasing Rent Arrears, increasing staff, increased turn over and increasedstress for both staff and tenants. This situation could be resolved byemploying more staff to relieve pressure, evaluating job roles this could bedone by downsizing departments, training more staff would add more sufficienthelp, employment support would help tenants earn a living, and finally,supported tenancy and action plans will help tenants with everyday living andalleviate stress. Answer 4Universal Credit could change the relationship betweentenants and their landlords because it is paid directly to the tenants. Therefore,the tenant is responsible for paying their rent directly to the social landlordrather than it the money coming directly from the government to the social landlord’sbank.

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The landlord can then keep track of who pays rent on time. This wouldmean that the landlord will can work out what tenants to trust because they arespending money on important priorities first. This could also have a negative impacton tenant’s relationship with their landlord because tenants may not pay renton time or at all.

What is Universal Credit and was is the impact it will haveon tenants and housing providers.Universal Credit is the payment combining benefits into one monthlypayment instead of multiple payments. It will replace six benefit payments,they are:·        Housing benefit·        Child tax credit·        Working tax credit·        Income support·        Income-related employment and support allowance·        Income-based jobseekers allowanceSome benefits are not being replaced with Universal Credit,these are