Explain how moving into the world opens up new phases of life experiences” Phase I-Idealism Phase 2- bewilderment Phase 3 -Ambivalence, choice, Autonomy, Critical self-knowledge. Movements into new realms of experience are often motivated by a native belief in the possibility of change; hat must negotiate the emotionally challenging reality of confronting new attitudes and values.The movement by individuals into new realms of experience and knowledge may be driven by an idealism that seeks to challenge values that can no longer be sustained Movements into new realms of knowledge ND experience involve confronting former Identities and social expectations of others. 2 The movement into new worlds may Involve extremes of emotional anxiety, recrimination (DOUBT), and a bewilderment of Identity, as former connection are severed but future identities are yet to be established.Individuals must sacrifice a former identify In the hope of new ways of being, and negotiating this Journey may lead to emotional bewilderment Movements Into new realms require balancing risk and reward, as the emotionally perilous choice to abandon a former Identity must confront the uncertainty of the future, 3 Movements Into new realms of experience may offer ambivalent outcomes as the process embraces continuity and change, former ways of being with new ways of seeing.The emotional rewards of personal autonomy and freedom of choice are balanced by the loss of the security of former Identities.

Moving Into new worlds often Involves being able to look back on former values with an Intellectual detachment, while still malignantly an emotion connection to formative experiences. Franks Intellectual allusion to Shelley Fraternities suggests Rata has become a monster of franks creation, having cost her human authenticity,

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