Road Trip – Family Memories

I had been on road trips before, but this one was different than the rest. I was only about 4 or 5, and we were headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I can remember the day we left perfectly. My cousins and I were all in the back seat of one car, and my parents in the front.

All 4 of us could barely move in the backseat with all of the suitcases, pillows, blankets, and things to keep us kids entertained for the 16 hour car ride. We started out on the road to the Outer Banks, which would soon become the most memorable vacation for all of us. There was so much open space, mile after mile of cities, towns, and stretches of mountain. My cousins and I, all stuck our heads out the window and let the breeze cover our faces. There was so much to take in, that we found it hard to sleep, because we were afraid that we’d miss something along the way.

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  After 16 long hours, we had finally arrived at our destination. North Carolina was beautiful in every way. It was a place that everyone felt welcome and comfortable. Maybe it was the cozy family-owned shops and restaurants.

Maybe it was the way the sky painted hues of red, orange, and blue, as the lazy sun rested its head on a warm day. Or maybe it was just the delightfully soft ocean breeze, that would waft through the windows as we slept. Everything about North Carolina was perfect to my family. It wasn’t just the views and smells that we loved, it was the feeling that this place was home. No matter what happened to us, we were all together, and that’s the only thing that mattered. There are plenty of amazing outdoor experiences that are available in the Outer Banks.

With each experience, you’ll leave with great memories and a true, lasting impression of what the Outer Banks are all about. My family spent a great deal of time visiting the attractions of North Carolina. We visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial, which is a park dedicated to the Wright Brothers achievements i…