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Robert E. Lee was the confederate general for the south during the civil war. Lee was born on January 19,1807 in northeastern Virginia. He came from a background of politicians and military. His father was colonel he was known as “light horse Harry” he was a calvary leader in the revolutionary war and was liked by Washington.
When lee was 18 he continued his family heritage of being in the military he enrolled at West Point a military academy. At West Point he worked non stop to be the best he could he was very driven. He placed second in his class and the entire 4 years at West Point he never got a demerit. After graduating from West Point in 1831 Lee married Mary Custis who was Martha Washington’s granddaughter. They had seven children together. 
In 1864 when The U.S went to war with Mexico lee’s military career finally begun. At the Mexican war lee served under Gen. Winfield Scott,Lee said that he was a brave and brilliant General. U.S won the Mexican war and Lee went back to his Father in Laws plantation that was struggling because he had died. Then in 1859 Lee was chosen to handle the slave revolt led by John Brown at Harpers Ferry. Lee was able to end the revolt within a hour and this put him on a list to lead the union army if they went to war again.
Lee was offered by President Lincoln to run the union army but he turned it down because he was more committed to Virginia. He resigned from the military and returned back to Virginia. After Virginia said that they were going to secede from the nation on April 17,1861 lee agreed to help the confederate military. Lee had a number of wins as a confederate General. He drove back the Union army at the 7 days battles. He got a important victory at second Manassas. But not all of his battles went well he was destroyed at the battle of Antietam and at Gettysburg. This impacted his invasion of the North Greatly. By 1864 the north had the advantage and the south surrendered at Wilmer Mcleans house in Virginia. After the war Lee returned home and became the president of Washington college in Virginia now called Washington and Lee college. He remained the President of the college until October 12,1870 when he died in Lexington Virginia.   
One of the most significant wars during the civil war was Gettysburg it was a 3 day war in a small town in Pennsylvania. It was a northern victory and a hard southern loss. In the summer of 1863 Lee started his second invasion of the northern states after confederate victories. Lee’s plan was to defeat the north army on northern soil and have Lincoln negotiate for peace. First Lee took his army through north Virginia farmland so his soldiers could gather supplies and food but he made them pay for them. Lee’s army kept moving up into northern soil. By late June Lee’s army had crossed into Pennsylvania. By June 29th they had crossed the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg and Wrightsville. Then on July 1st the south finally ran into the North at Gettysburg. The south had heard that the town of Gettysburg had a shoe factory in it so they were going to go look for it. So commander Heth took some of his men into Gettysburg he finds what he thinks is a militia but it is really the northern army he shoots at them and they shoot back. So he leaves to go get more men. when he comes back the northern army is in position and has called for reinforcements. Heth and Buford fight on the road Heth is pushing the North back and they are on their last straw barely holding on. But the northern reinforcements show up from the south and they fill in. Ewell and his men show up from the North. They could have taken cemetery hill which helped the north win the war. But he didn’t because he didn’t think it was important. The north moved back to Cemetery Hill and that is the end of day one of Gettysburg. The second day of Gettysburg Lee had the idea to attack the North at the heights and at little Round Top south of Cemetery hill and northern positioning. What happened at Little Round Top was Commander Longstreet moved in towards Little Round Top. Once he saw that the North had already taken position at Little round top he circled back. Longstreet took his men further south. He then came up and attacked the North command unit who was being commanded by Daniel Sickles. Lee again had another failed attempt at attacking the North. He was almost able to push them back and win at Little Round top But,the North were able to hold on and defeat the south. This was the end of Gettysburg day 2. On the third and final day of Gettysburg Pickets charge happened. Lee’s plan was two send three divisions across to attack the North. The first division would go straight across the battle field and start the attack at cemetery hill. The second division would start below the first and would move forward and up until they finally reached the same spot as the division in front of them. The third division did the same thing as the second.They started below the other divisions and slowly moved forward and up until they were all in the same spot. But this didn’t go at all the way Lee wanted it to it failed miserably. What happened was the first division of men didn’t go straight across they went horizontal and ended up right in the middle of where the northern army was positioned.And because the second and third divisions started below each other and would meet in the same spot they all met in  the middle of the northern army and they got destroyed by the North. Barely half of the confederate men survived the slaughter. After the defeat at Gettysburg Lee withdrew the Army and started to head back towards Virginia. Some say that Lee doomed himself at Gettysburg because. He lost his bests commander Thomas jackson who died at Chanslesrville because he was shot in the arm and it was amputated. He caught pneumonia a week later and died. So Lee was going into the biggest battle of the civil War with two inexperienced commanders. Another thing that hurt the south at Gettysburg was Lee relied on poor intelligence from his spies. Lee based a lot of his plans and attacks on field intelligence that was wrong. Lee says after the battle that he should have communicate more with his commanders and made sure that they had understood his battle plans,Because he pretty much had to reorganize his whole army. After the death of Thomas Jackson. Thats why Lee was doomed at Gettysburg.