Robot in his 2014 book Superintelligence. Prof. has

Robot Invasion

Artificial intelligence is a category in computer engineering
that emphasizes creation of machines that have the intelligence to work and
react like humans. Robotics is also a major field that have strong relation
with AI. Robots need some intelligence to do some tasks through some sensors
and some codes that related to AI.

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AI have some roots connected with Greeks, according to
Machines who think some researches said that the Greeks had the idea of intelligent
robots and there are some toys and models had constructed to make a robot. Nowadays,
AI is about the new programmes that connected with computers. But what if we
lose the control on the computers. AI may be Good for human but it also has
some risks that may affect the humanity in the future.


One potential that has gotten specific consideration—and has
been the subject of especially detailed arguments—is the one discussed by Prof.
Nick Bostrom in his 2014 book Superintelligence. Prof. has
contended that the change from abnormal state machine insight to AI much more
intelligent than humans could potentially happen very quickly, and could bring
about the formation of an amazingly effective operator whose goals are misaligned
with human interests. This scenario, he argues, could potentially lead to the
extinction of humanity.

people already start watching some scary indications of
overdeveloped AI machines in work, games, etc… Imagine if engineers and scientists
combine their efforts and they manage to create a robot who is hundred times
better player than Leonel Messi, there is a worry about robots superseding humans.
Ideally, human beings continue to be the masters of machines. However, if things
turn the other path round, the world will turn.


While AI ruining our favourite sport may not like
as an existential hazard, Elon Musk warned about other potential risks that uncontrolled
AI may hide. Job automation will raise the levels of unskilled
unemployment. Jobs are already being affected as businesses such as customer
service have taken various hits over the last few years. There are millions of Careem
captains who may one day end up losing their jobs to driverless cars. Skilled
workers’ jobs might be in danger too; AI may lead few numbers needed in law,
medicine and education. This is a collateral catastrophe brought about
by the use of artificial intelligence systems. People who were employed in
doing that job gradually but surely will lose their jobs and there will be
unemployment. envision smart machines employed in fields that need creativity.