Running Changed My Life

Sweat, hard breathing, and soreness runs through my body as I finish one of the hardest workouts in workout history. Because for a nine year old boy doing excessive amount of running and heavy weight lifting can put a lot of stress on a nine year old boy. “Hurry up!” “Run faster, Lift harder, Michael” coach Skyler yells. “You can’t possibly think you’re getting faster not pushing yourself!” Now Coach Skyler is not your average coach she was short, African American, and very aggressive as a person.

She also was one of the boys and girls head coach for my track club name Northwest Flyers. When I was done with the first set of running and heavy lifting, coach Skyler pulls me to the side and starts talking to me about how I have to put dedication, hard work, and determination into everything I do, which includes school, sports, and a personal job. After that speech coach Skyler gave me, I sucked in all the emotions I was hiding and went back to the workout.

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The next week at practice my heart starts to beat nervously and my mind starts to fire up because I was ready to attack the next workout. That day our team, Northwest Flyers, did a workout that consisted of 4 100 meter dashes 40 sit-ups, 4 200 meter dashes, and a 45 minute session inside the weight room. After a long week of hard training and coach talks, I sat in my room and thought about one quote from one of America’s greatest distance/middle distance runners of all time his name was Steve Prefontaine.

The quote said, “I’ll tell you one thing, I love every one of them. I’ve thought about the Olympic Games every day of my life since 1968, but there is a breaking point in each race when you wonder if all the sacrifice is really worth it. You think why should I do this? I don’t have to run this hard. But that’s when I think about them. They keep me going.” During those days, months, and years of running, I would tell myself, “Why do I like running?” An.