Running Injuries

An overuse condition where muscles are unable absorb loads and forces are subsequently transferred to bone Progressing too rapidly unusual surface impact Poor shoes More common in women Sharp pain and tenderness to the touch Pain with running Swelling RICE Pain-free activity for 6-8 weeks to allow it to heal Hamstring Strain A tear In one of the hamstring muscles (Sententiously, Semiconscious, Biceps femoral More common during sprinting Sudden pain Muscle spasm Swelling and bruisingIMMEDIATE: RICE Recovery: Compression bandage, heat Can require surgery if bad enough Laotian band Syndrome Pain over lateral femoral epicycle (side of knee) Overuse may cause shortening Repetition causes inflammation Pain, initially relieved by rest Pain might radiate forwards and downward Worse when running especially downhill IT Stretching Anti-inflammatory medicine Ultrasound, corticosteroid injection, orthodontics? Paterfamilias Syndrome Pain on, under or around kneecap Damage to underside of kneecap Improperly aligned patella Weak quadriceps Probation of feet Grinding noise (creepiest)Pain going up and down stairs or after prolonged sitting Knee feels like it might “collapse” Anti-inflammatory Quadriceps strengthening Hamstring stretches Shin Splints Pain in front of leg Usually caused by an inflammation to the peritoneum (lining around bone) of the tibia Weak anterior tibias (shin) muscles Hard surface running Increased training load/intensity Fallen arches Pain and tenderness Lumps or bumps over tibia Redness or increased temperature Active rest (pain free activity) Strengthen anterior tibias Correct probation Increase speed and distance slowly Tendonitis An inflammation of a tendon I. . Achilles) Sudden increase in training volume Hills Tight gastric / coleus Stiff shoes or excessive heel cushioning Pain during exercise Swelling, redness, etc.

2 weeks rest Small heel-lift? Stretch gastric / coleus Plantar Fascistic Inflammation of strong fibrous tissue support under-structure of foot Weak foot muscles Shortened Achilles tendon Flat / high arches Poor support in shoes Increased weight Increase in training volume Heel pain in morning, especially first few steps RICE (frozen water bottle) Decrease training Stretch calf muscles

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