Rural gap could be connected due to the

Rural areas in Africa are currently fighting amalaria endemic. This article focuses on the weak infrastructure and healthsystems and studies mobile technology transforming these rural areas. The mainissue is the communication gap between patients and healthcare workers andcreates an obstacle in the road to the control of the malaria endemic in ruralAfrica. The study has shown that the communication gap could be connected dueto the increasing availability of basic handsets and the hasty growth of mobilenetwork coverage.

The growth of mobile coverage will aid healthcare workers,allowing for easier communication with patients and quicker response times.Text messaging is one of the most cost-efficient methodof communication, this means that the system will be highly effective and accessibleif implemented correctly. Controlling malaria in particular can be improvedthrough the use of text messaging.

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The article was published in 2012 and is stillrelevant to the fight against malaria today. The article was published withpermission from the Director of the Kenya Medical Research Institute and wasfunded by the Welcome Trust project but did not partake in the gathering ofdata or the decision to publish the article.