Sample Business plan

Resort will be the first escort that integrates the application of biogas. All the organic fertilizers for the organic farm built by the resort and energy for the whole resort are from the partner biogas station. Meanwhile, ECHO-JOY will provide the biogas station with the raw material such as food waste and manure of guests. In this way, the ECHO-JOY will be following the environmentally sound and effective path, allowing itself to become the first choice for the echo-concerned guests. Location: The ECHO-JOY will be located in Hanna Island, China.

Products/ Service: FAA Tree Hub Vacation Home: 100% Living Habitat Prefabricated with Computer Numeric Controlled (CNN) Reusable Scaffolds to Graft Trees into Shape. Hands-on Projects (fishing & fruit and vegetable picking): In the organic farm of ECHO-JOY resort, guests can pick fruits or vegetable, fish and enjoy the locally-grown and organic dishes, which enable guests to have close contact with nature through hands-on projects. Organic Herb Spa: ECHO-JOY offers 100% organic, healthy herb spa.

All the raw materials of the spa are locally grown without pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers . Target Market: We are targeting families, a group of friends and busy stressed urban people. We want to introducing them to a new way of relaxing themselves in an environment full of nature’s breath and thus cultivate a new culture of recreation for these people. Market Strategies: The core strategy of ECHO-JOY is to achieve “Green”, which means being a leader in the hospitality industry in terms of successfully balancing the triangular relationship among profit, people and planet.

W?d like to train our staff to be courteous, professional and dedicated to service, aiming to offer the highest quality of seen,’ice and satisfaction to our guests. HER SECTION Organizational Chart Workflow Plan of one department (Optional)an Workflow chart Of Financial Department Workflow chart of Marketing Department Workflow chart of Food &Beverage Departmental (including benefits as a percentage) Didn’t include payroll taxes, so use the Sample Compensation Chart as model, not this. All the wages should be in one chart.

Financial Department Marketing Department Administration Department Food Department Sec rarity Department Engineering Department Quality Control Department Front Office Department Organic Farm& Spa Department Guest Room Department Because the chairman, special assistant to chairman, CEO, Group SCOFF, DOSS re all expatriates of Marriott International, Inc. So Marriott International, Inc. Based in the United States will pay their wages. The total payroll expenses ( 512, 400. 00) are paid by the franchiser Of Marriott, who owns the ECHO-JOY resort in Hanna Province.

Thus, the total payroll expenses exclude the wages of the chairman, special assistant to chairman, CEO, Group SCOFF, DOSS. According to the current exchange rate 512, 400. 00 is equal to $81 369. 12. Job Description of CEO The ECHO-JOY Resort chief executive officer holds accountable for the day-to- day management of the resort and its staff. The CEO is responsible for establishing a general management team (Finance, Marketing Security, etc. ), taking a long-term strategic overview of the resort for sustainability and maximal profitability and setting the example for staff to deliver a standard of service that fulfills guests’ expectations.

Job Specifications of CEO Bachelor degree or above majored in hotel or marketing at least areas working experience in hospitality industry familiar with the management of hospitality industry and developing trend of it with strong leadership, the ability of decision-making ,true blotting and tapping new market share with capability to managing budgets and control expenditure have good organization, coordination and communication skills, as well as team spirit sensitive to changes happening from internal or external environment, and have ability to adjust the strategy for the company have system thinking and open mind about the issues and vision in the company review the resorts annual working program and summary supervise the operation situation of resort and lead managerial team members, including assigning tasks, giving supports and resources, following and evaluating performance, improving their skills and abilities supervise the ark in terms of maintenance of public relations and market promotions, so as to ensure Social Effectiveness Minimization and enhance the intangible value of resort Aestheticism’s of the Relevant labor Market Tight market: high employment, few available workers. Recruiting Plan of CEO Internal Recruitment will focus mainly on promoting the CEO from within the organization’s staff who is competent to enrich the CEO position, using the talent database of our hotel; for the staffs are the ones who know the situation of our hotel best and totally agree with the company’s core values. External Recruitment loud advertise on the hotel related magazines, newspaper, TV programs and Internet medias for recruitment to attract the talents’ attention. I will collect the recommendations for our hotel’s CEO from senior staffs of my organization or other hospitality organizations.

Soaks Matrix Skills Communication (Cognitive Ability Test: interview form) Determine types and priorities of tasks (Achievement Test: interview form) Review and analyze monthly finance reports, and then give suggestions or devise plans in terms of management or marketing plans (Work Sample Test: outline format of a work sample test) Knowledge Familiar with hospitality industry Achievement Test: interview format) Knowledgeable of catering industry and the leisure and entertainment Abilities Mentor, coach& develop Staff (Work Sample Test: outline format of a work sample test) Establish teams and match people to tasks based on their skills (Work Sample Test: outline format of a work sample test) Strategic and critical thinking Other Characteristics Good Work Ethic (Work Sample Test: outline format Of a work sample test) Adaptability to Changes (Personality and Interest Inventories: interview format) Structured Situation Interview Question : You are a new CEO in ECHO-JOY, and people who are working with you are the ones you are not familiar at all. What would you do to get familiar with them and establish teams and match people to tasks according to their skills? RECORD ANSWER: SCORING GUIDE: Good:” Be aware of the objectives of a project.

Let the subordinates describe their work that have done and know their way Of management, get familiar with their own expectations about their work. Match individual’s expectation, ability with the objectives of a project build a team. Give support for their work and encourage them to do better . Fair:” I would establish my team with members who agree with my management thinking and exclude those who don’t support my management thinking and strategies. (Soaks that is assessed in question 1 Establish teams and match people to tasks based on their skills ) Legal Challenges ECHO-JOY Might Face omit this part because I don’t think there is any recruiting and selection processes of ECHO-JOY that may be vulnerable to legal challenge.

Rewards,Compensation and Benefits for CEO in ECHO-JOY Equity incentive per thousand of stock value at the end of every fiscal year Based-on performance commission—–1 % commission out Of every month’s sales Up to 10 days (80 hours) of unused vacation days may be aired over into the next fiscal year Car allowances-?—-account for 5% of the total amount of the car that the CEO wants to purchase Life insurance Compared to similar jobs in other hospitality companies, ECHO-JOY has the best benefits for its CEO. [2] Appraisal Process and Appraisal Form for CEO of ECHO-JOY The CEO of ECHO-JOY would be assessed for his performance every six months by the head of each function department. Below is the appraisal form the appraisers have to fill out. Adhering& Managerial Qualities Provide effective leadership and direction to resort staff. Maintains a work style which is open to constructive suggestions.

Demonstrate the leadership, initiative and persistence needed to accomplish goals and objectives Create a feeling of unity and enthusiasm among those in contact with him. Evaluates programs, practices, policies, procedures and personnel effectively. Analyze situations to determine basic problems, rather than symptoms, and to develop realistic alternative solutions. Monitors current budget and operational data to assure continued success of the organization. Communicates appropriately matters of importance to staff. Personal Qualities The CEO is a person of integrity. Demonstrate appropriate grooming and attire. Judgment and Sensitivity Affirms the unique contributions of all persons recognizing their diverse backgrounds and varying needs in the workplace. Makes sound and timely decisions.