Samsara, Nirvana and Groundhog Day

The Samsara wheel is the way of life that Buddhists try to avoid. This is the way of like where you are always looking for something better than what they already have. Furthermore the people on the wheel are trying to look for better things to drown out and distract them from pain and suffering.

In Buddhism, they try to explain that you should try to avoid this way of life because it never brings happiness. This is due to the fact that you’re searching for something better than what you already have you therefore you can never appreciate what you have, however new. So with the Samsara wheel you cannot get anywhere because even if the cycle stops however unlikely, what then? you will be stuck with something you don’t even want and there isn’t anything better. The Nirvana wheel is what Buddhists aspire to be like.

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Nirvana is to be contempt with what you have rather than chasing something that seems better. If you are in Nirvana you are not only are don’t want anything else you also realise how to truly appreciate what you have got rather than being in the Samsara wheel.Nirvana in its hardest form is to have nothing at all but just having a robe and enough food to get by and being ok with that. It can be in smaller things like not buying a new video game or not going on holiday and being ok with it.

So if you go without things but whine and complain about it you have not reached Nirvana, Nirvana is about accepting what you have not just going without things. Furthermore if you stop whining you will probably realise that what you have is fine then the item you wanted you’ll realise isn’t even that much better than what you have. On the other end of the spectrum don’t put yourself in pain because unless there is a point behind it like to prove a point you are just taking away what you are happy with so what’s the point. You are in Nirvana and you take yourself out of it by hurting yourself. Nirvana is about the things aro.