Samsung Mobile PESTLE Analysis Executive Summary This report

Samsung Mobile PESTLE Analysis




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This report will identify the six key environmental
drivers that currently have an affect on Samsung Mobile, and will analyse
Samsung Mobile’s responses to them.















































Introduction to
Samsung Mobile



Samsung Mobile is the mobile
division of Samsung Electronics, a multinational electronics company
headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung is a South Korean chaebol ( a
large conglomerate that is run, controlled, and owned by a family)( . Samsung
mobile is a key player in the mobile phone industry currently owning 23.3%
market share as of Q2 2017. ( Using
PESTLE Analysis, I will be able to analyse the environmental drivers that are
affecting Samsung Mobile, and how Samsung Mobile are responding to them.


PESTLE Framework


Using the PESTLE analysis, we are able to analyse the
external Macro environment in which companies must operate in, and the factors
that have an impact on a company, in this case, Samsung Mobile.