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Say there is someone who has never felt the need to exercise, but they are overweight. They might not know what exercise will fit them best so there doctor tells them to try swimming because it does not require the effort that that person wanted to put in for the period of time that they have been overweight. If the person is trying to not make their body work hard, swimming is perfect for them because swimming does not put stress on a person’s body (Weight Loss Resources). Another good thing about swimming is that it is never too late to learn, so if you are that person who feels like giving up on rough exercices because your body cannot endure them, swimming can be so easy to learn at any age and can be like a sign of hope. Just remember that giving up does not have to be the option if you cannot deal with stressful exercices, and that swimming will always be there for you to try.

Swimming is the best all around exercise to lose weight.Of course just as anything else, there will be people that disagree. Running can burn about more than 400 calories more than swimming when running at eight mph (Kochan). If your goal is to lose a lot of calories, running would be better than swimming (Kochan). Swimming can also be more inconvenient because, a person has the ability to run pretty much wherever they are at, while swimming may lose a person time because of having to drive a certain distance to get to a pool (Hewitt).  This information proves that swimming may not always be the best option for exercise.Swimming can be a helpful exercise for losing weight. Being in water does not put as much stress on your bones as exercices on land like running (Kochan).

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Swimming uses lower and upper body muscles which balances out the musles being worked (Kochan). Since swimming makes a lot of the muscles in a person’s body work, the lungs and heart will have to work harder to give oxygen to those muscles which is a good exercise for the cardiovascular system (Vaughan). If swimming makes a person breath harder, their body is working hard which can help the person lose weight (Vaughan).

Swimming to lose weight can also lower the risks of disease like type two diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. These are all many reasons proving why swimming can be very beneficial for people trying to lose weight. “A good thing about swimming is that there is a variety of exercices or things a person can do while in water besides just swimming laps, states Basil Strasburg who is a physical therapist for the Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation and Sports therapy (Cleveland Clinic). Some exercices include water walking or jogging, standing knee lifts,  forward and side lunges, and one leg balances (MoveForward).

This wide range variety can prove to be beneficial because a person may feel uncomfortable with a certain exercise, but can choose to perform a different one while in water. Say if a person has an injury and they cannot perform elite swimming exercices that a professional swimmer could, but since they are underwater they will be able to perform not as difficult exercices that can help them lose weight and other beneficial things for their body easily.Another important thing that swimming can be good for is helping someone recover from an injury. If someone is injured, swimming in a pool can help make your bones and muscles stronger (Centers For Rehab Services).

Swimming is also safe for an injured person as it supports a person’s body in a gentle way (Centers For Rehab Services). The water that an injured person may be swimming in can keep them floating, but the water can also give resistance which can make certain moves a little harder (Centers For Rehab Services). Rehabilitation is just one of the many ways swimming can help a person and their body.There can be many different types of swimming exercices for diferent parts of the body that are injured that someone may want to try. Water has buoyancy which can remove some pressure from someone’s joints (Centers For Rehab Services). This buoyancy may help someone who has  problems with their knees (Centers For Rehab Services).

Swimming involves no weight which can be good for a person who has issues with their back because they do not have to carry anything while they swim (Centers For Rehab Services). Swimming can also better than performing exercices on land because a person has a higher risk of falling down and injuring themselves on land than in water (Centers For Research Services). A good exercise for someone who injured their back is the back stroke because the person would float on their back and not cause stress using this exercise (Centers For Research Services).

These are some of the ways that swimming can help an injured person without making their problems worse than they already may be.Swimming is also a safe exercise that even people with disabilities or problems can do. People who moderately intense to very intense swimming exercises also have a smaller rate of heart disease (Harvard Health). Water also gives resistance which will not cause injury even to someone performing hard exercices in the water ( Harvard Health). A sauna can be good after swimming because the temperature is high which raises the heart rate which can rest your cardiovascular system, but do not stay in a sauna for over 15-20 minutes because it is not safe (Harvard Health). Using a sauna after swimming in a warm indoor pool can have benefits for the heart (Harvard Health). This is just a way that a sauna and warm indoor pool can complement eachother.

These were just many ways that swimming is safe and can have benefits for people. Swimming can also be beneficial for elders. “Activities done in the water can be beneficial for older people because it can raise their metabolism”, says Wojtek Chodzko Zajko (Water Exercise For Seniors). According to Wojtek Chodzko Zajko,” swimming activities for older people can also make a persons cardiovascular health better” (Water Exercices For Seniors). “Swimming can also allow an older person to maintain their strength, and can make the loss of muscle mass slower for people who are getting older”, says Wojtek Chodzko Zajko (Water Exercices For Seniors).

“For people with muscle or joint problems, people can start to feel less pain after swimming for awhile because of warmth, buoyancy, and resistance of the water that challenges the body”, says Whetstone Mescher (Water Exercices For Seniors). Elders and people with health problems now do not have to worry about trying to find a sport or type of exercise that can benefit them and also not make their problem worse.Being able to go in water and swim is known as being very helpful all around for most people that are over weight that are willing to try. There are so many reasons that this sport or activity can have many benefits for people physically and mentally. Someone looking for an easier way to lose weight can try swimming because not much stress is put on their body (Weight Loss Resources). Injuries can be soothed by relaxing your body and trying to swim or doing some kind of exercise in water.

Like stated before, swimming in a warm indoor pool and then going into a sauna, which a person should not be in for more than 15-20 minutes, can be good for a person’s heart (Harvard Health). Another beneficial factor is that elders do not have to have their body age as fast because swimming can help them stay fit and maintain the strength that they had throughout their lives (Water Exercices For Seniors). In conclusion, swimming is something you should be willing to try because of all its benefits that are listed above. Works Cited”10 Exercises To Do In the Pool.” American Physical Therapy Association, 27 Dec.

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