Scheduling, major shareholders or other external parties. Leading

Scheduling, presiding over executive sessions and meeting with
major shareholders or other external parties. Leading the performance
evaluation of the CEO and the board assessment?
Selecting, evaluating, fixing the compensation of and, where
appropriate, replacing the CEO and other members of senior management?
Supervising the management team to ensure that the business within
corporation is being run properly?
According to corporation’s goal, setting and applying the
corporation’s financial objectives and major corporate plans, strategies
and actions?
Understanding the corporation’s risk profile and reviewing and
overseeing the corporation’s management of risks?
Reviewing and approving major changes in the auditing and
accounting principles and practices to be used in preparing the
corporation’s financial statements?
Establishing and monitoring effective systems for receiving and
reporting information about the corporation’s compliance with its legal
and ethical obligations, and articulating expectations and standards
related to corporate culture and the ‘tone at the top’?
Making equitable financial controls and internal controls to well
understand financial statement as well as the disclosure procedures?
Evaluating and approving major transactions such as mergers,
acquisitions, significant expenditures and the disposition of major assets?
Providing advice and counsel to senior management teams?
Reviewing the process for providing adequate and timely financial
and operational information to management, directors and shareholders?
Establishing the composition of the board and its committees, board
succession planning and determining governance practices?
Retaining independent advisers in performance of committee duties
and decision-making?
Assessing the effectiveness of the board, its committees or
individual directors, or both;?
Performing such
other functions as are necessary.