Science place near the earth 130 million light-years

Science Magazine has published the 10 most significant scientific discoveries for 2017.1- The Clash of the Stars. In 2017, the greatest discovery was the first observation in the history of melting two neutron stars through gravitational waves. In co-operation with Toros (the South Provisional Robotic Optical Observatory), the observation of the light emitted by the collapse of two neutron stars, an event that took place near the earth 130 million light-years away, in the star of Hydra was achieved for the first time. The existence of gravitational waves had foreseen at the beginning of the Albert Einstein era.

2- Develop electronic cryo-microscopy. This year this discovery was worth a Nobel Prize from Swiss Jacques Dubochet, German-American Joachim Frank and British Richard Henderson. It is an efficient method of producing three-dimensional images of molecules such as those with cancer or with Alzheimer’s.3- The neutrinos detector.

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The creation of a portable detector for some neutrino but elusive subatomic elements is the work of an international team of scientists. They succeeded in confirming the 4-decade predictor of neutrinos through the Coherent experiment conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US. This detector weighs as much as a microwave.4- The oldest remains of Homo sapiens.

Reconnaissance of 300,000 and 350,000 years was made in Morocco, 150km west of Marrakesh. This assumes a change of 100,000 years compared to the oldest remains found so far, which are 195,000 years old found in Ethiopia.5- Genetic modification.

More than 60,000 genetic abnormalities are associated with human disease and approximately 35,000 of these are caused by small errors, a change to a single DNA base results in a change in the genome. This year the researchers announced a technical upgrade called modification to correct these changes not only to DNA but also to RNA. This technique will lead to medical applications.

6- BioRxiv. Science lists the importance of this year’s BioRxiv biology biology publication platform, which has been thrown for four years, but since 2017 found support from American and British organizations.7- Anti-leukemia treatment. The FDA approved a new treatment for leukemia, called pembrolizumab. concretely is the first genetic cancer treatment and authorized in America.

8- Organgutáng i ri. The discovery of a new type of orangutang, previously unknown, occurred in Sumatra (Indonesia). It was called “Pongo tapanuliensis” and was found by researchers from Zyrih University.9- The oldest ice. Antarctica frozen ice age 2.7 million years in the Allan Hills area was conducted by Princeton University and Maine University experts in the US. This champion has an age of 1.7 million years and is older than any other previous storm.

10- Genetic Therapy. In the end this magazine includes a pediatric Columbus hospital work in America and the Avexis company with genetic therapy through which scientists can save the life of babies born with neuromuscular disease by adding a missing gene to the backbone neurons.