Screwflix the palace will be more crowed. On

Screwflix pte ltd invited 450 total guests in conference. 10
guests are coming from overseas included 10 guests with VIP status.



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We are making
menu planning for 450 guests. Menu plan will be finalized according to event
site, purpose, guest profile and the event day schedule.  Apart from this, 100 overseas guests will stay
for many days. Accommodation and food is must for them. To run a successful
event there are so many factors needed to consider.


Ø  Number of guests: guests numbers matter first while
deciding a venue. Our 450 guests are coming if venue is small the palace will
be more crowed. On the other hand if venue have much more space, it will not
look good as well. Our team will decide suitable venue with proper sitting
arrangements. So that guest will not feel isolated or crowed during the event.
Distance between tables and chairs will be equal.


Ø  Guest profile: Guest profile matters a lot when
guests are coming from different locations. As 100 guests are coming from
overseas, their religions sentiments are also alternate. So, our menu planning,
team need to keep in mind guest’s preferences, their age, religion, dietary
requests (vegetarian, allergenic, diabetic etc.)


Ø  Organizing schedule: This event is divided into two parts.
First is conference (8:30 to 1.00pm) and second is Banquet (7.00pm to Midnight)
with one coffee break at 10:30am. It will make easy for planner to arrange
everything on time. Like when and how much staff they need to serve people.


Ø  Proper Layout: Space between chair and table for
walking around should be enough so that people and server will not face any


Ø  Display proper signage: everyone face difficulty finding
things at new palace. So signage boards should be set properly. Like exit
signs, toilets signs etc.


Ø  Measurements of food quality and quantities: This is a huge event. 450 guests are
coming. Food and drink would be decided on big level. Because event is at off
site. So, it’s very hard to arrange or prepare more food if you stock is going
to finish. Apart from these quality is also main concern. If guests are in big
numbers you need to provided them best quality of food. Quality cannot be


Ø  Third party vendors: As the events are at off site, all
items and services or facilities will be supplied but  vendors. That’s why Screwflix need to pay its
each bill by its own.


Ø  Budget: budget is the key factor while
organizing an event. We need everything well planned. First of all we are
making list for most expected expenses.



Expenses list


Meals, beverage, refreshments

electronic gadgets like microphones, headphones, internet access.

items: table and chair covers, tent…

expenses for set up

lightings, flowers, balloons

big stage for award ceremony,  musicians
(DJ) , dancing floor , Speakers




Food safety, hygiene atmosphere, and preventing injuries on work place,
only can be done setting many rules and legal requirements like Sanitation
requirements, Health and Safety, Hygiene Standards, Liquor Act, HACCP. They
check safety there by the time.



Main requirements for safety

 These are the safety
measurements those analyses the safety at hotels and restaurants. Management
always keeps in mind while making plans.




Sanitation requirements
Health and





1.       Sanitation


It is all about food and food temperature,
proper cleanness of hand utensils clothes, 

Expiry date of frozen and dairy items




2.       HACCP

HACCP is pronounced
as Hazard Analysis and Controlling Critical Points. HACCP is designed to reduce
the risk of injuries and to prevent illness. It works in two parts. For
example, when management find any HAZARD like slippery or wet floor etc. after
that they fix it. Fixing a that problem known as Control Critical Points.


Health and safety

 This is all about physical cleanness of worker

Rest breaks should be given to workers so that
they can work properly.

Proper signage near to hot liquids or electricity

Strict instruction to Wash hands

 Rule for
cover  head

Leave during illness

Hand wash after sneezing or touching unhygienic