Seeing was involved in dialog meetings with other

Seeing the amount of garbage and
litter like polythene, plastics and rubbish from the market around my
university; I knew I had to do something. I joined an environment club in my
university and mobilized 50 students and 20 community members to clear the
rubbish. I headed the team as we collected papers, plastics and market rubbish;
gathered it in one place where it could be taken away by the municipal waste
collectors. We also unblocked drains that had been blocked by plastics and
siltation. As part of my work I put up banners at different locations with
messages like ‘how clean is your surrounding’ and ‘put waste where it belongs’.
These banners acted like talking walls to encourage people to put waste into
the respective place and not litter everywhere. I also took the initiative of
talking to shop and stall owners and encourage them to put waste from their
businesses in bins and dispose it in the right way collectively. This activity
was an eye-opener to most people and it surprised me how the environment
changed in a few days with less plastics and papers littered, it was cleaner
than before. Within a few weeks the county government appreciated this effort
by putting up litter bins at strategic places and organized waste collection
weekly, I felt that I had achieved my objective.

I also volunteered in a campaign
on countering violent extremism, anti-radicalization and promoting peace among
the youth on the onset of 2017 general elections in Kenya. I was part of the
leadership team which conducted a conference and campaigns in education
institutions. I was involved in dialog meetings with other students to try and
establish the factors that contribute to youth violent actions and extremism. I
conducted these debates in our university and called upon students from various
ethnic groups in Kenya to give their views and solutions to this problem. With
my team we took notes on flip charts on all views given by different people.
The interactive session were educative and reached out to many youths. This
campaign involved over 100 youths from different institutions. It was important
because it educated youths that violence is not helpful in our society and they
should handle situations in a civilized way. This encouraged people to
appreciate one another despite their ethnic differences. Posts on social media
about this campaign made me realize the message would travel far and wide even
to those who did not attend.

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In both volunteer experiences, I have understood
the power of public participation in all activities and the importance of
public involvement in development activities. I have also learned to appreciate
diversity of all people with different backgrounds in life.  I have a better understanding now and would
like to help all communities where I can. My volunteer experiences have enabled
me see the need of planning for infrastructure services which will promote
environmental, social and economic development. I hope to study urban planning
and continue volunteering in more activities.