Serato Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch

Some feel that sticking with turntables Is the way to go because real Des use wax (vinyl), and mom feel that keeping up with technology Is evolution (some call It a revolution). The majority of Des have moved to Serrate or Tractor along with a laptop or Mac book (to store music and run the program), which is controlled by turntables. This option has enabled the DC to take advantage of all the above, and also get rid of the countless amounts back breaking crates filled with vinyl, or encyclopedia size CD collections (no comparison In weight to the crates), that have to be lugged around to each gig.To make an educated decision about which program to use, Serrate Scratch Live VS.

. Tractor Scratch, the DC must consider some of the functions he/she may desire to have while performing, such as video mixing and/or audio mixing, music production or music manipulation, and sound effects. One function Des may consider adding to their performance Is video Digging. Since Met and VHF arrived, music videos have become a huge part of our culture, and It was inevitable that the DC would incorporate videos into their set.Now enters the playback and mix video files with turntables.

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There are several controls in the plug- n that allow videos to be mixed with a variety of transitions, and effects that can be added as well. Tractor, however, does not have a video plug-in option at this time. Another function to consider is whether music production or music manipulation is a part of the performance.

Des have been mixing music for a very long time, and both programs offer several ways to blend, mix, or remix from one music track to the next seamlessly.The stability of these two programs has been tested and both have passed with music blaring. The stability is rated by whether or not the program rashes or any digital sound distortions are added to the track while playing. Since its initial release, Serrate has earned a reputation for its stability.

This reputation gave way to the combination of Belton Live (studio recording program) + Serrate Scratch Live, now called The Bridge.The Bridge turns Serrate into a digital audio workstation that can be used for music production during live performances, which gives the DC studio quality sound at every performance. Thus, allowing him/her to play some of their music or remix someone else’s music. There are several midi-controllers (a device that is used to control a program through USB; music manipulation) that are used The Bridge, but for Serrate itself controllers are limited.

On the other hand, Tractor had to re-engineer the original program, called Final Scratch, to get where it is today.However, there are several music manipulation options available for Tractor’s midi- controllers, and Just about anything is possible through these controllers by Just a off button within its program. Along with video mixing, music production, and music manipulation there might e a need to tweak a song with some type of effect or add a sound to personalize a performance. Some Des like to spice up a track by adding flashy scratches, turntable tricks, or cool effects. Scratching and turntable tricks are what made these programs what they are today.With the digital world taking over and the millions of sounds and songs available, these programs have given the DC a way to access them with a click of the mouse.

Thus, allowing for the DC to manipulate them with the many tricks that have been learned through the years; scratching, Juggling, and flashbacks. These tricks have been used by many Des as a unique signature to a performance that set them apart from the norm. While both programs allow for scratching and turntable tricks without any delay in song play, Tractor excels with its effects.It has the best effects in sound options and potential of the effects on the market. For example, the Tractor program allows the DC to excel in his/her performance by adding over twenty different effects options to the program. This comes from Tractor’s years of experience in engineering effects for other programs like Reactor that has 3000+ effects and options available. Serrate does have a series of effects and sounds that are available, but its quality is less than to be desired.For instance, the amount of effects available is twelve and there is a lack of quality that these effects have that can sometimes make the track sound distorted.

There is talk about increasing the sound options by allowing for secondary programmers to add open source plug-ins to but there is no scheduled date of when that will happen. In the meantime, if The Bridge is added to Serrate, taking advantage of Ablation’s effects for a live performance r studio recording session will definitely do the trick.There are several things to consider when purchasing a software program that will combine turntables and the digital world. Whether there is a need for videos or Just music, live music production or remixing someone else’s music live, taking advantage of midi-controllers for music manipulation, or adding different effects and sound options one of these programs can do the Job.

Serrate Scratch Live and Tractor Scratch have their strengths and weaknesses, but deciding which one to buy should depend the individual’s personal needs and desires.