Seven Segment Display

A Seven Segment Display (SD) Is a form of electronic device that Is used for displaying numbers from zero to nine (0-9).

It has been used as an alternative to the more complicated dot matrix, as It Is a lot more readable and has an easier Implementation. This device may use LCD (Light Crystal Display), a light-emitting diode (LED) for each segment or other light-generating or controlling techniques.It has been used or a lot of equipment nowadays such as In dealt clocks, electronic meters, and other electronic devices for displaying numerical Information. In this project, we have applied our knowledge and skills In the configuration of circuit using basic gates in order to have a display of the numerical values of zero to nine. We need to understand such, because there will be a need to apply this in the future projects that we will be having, in our thesis perhaps. As future engineers, we must understand the theory or logic behind this devices and its importance to the world of technology.II.

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Objectives To build a circuit using basic gates (AND gate, OR gate and NOT gate) for a Binary Coded Digit to 7-segment display. Such circuit must have a truth table and K-map that would prove that the outputs are correct having zero to nine numerical value output. Ill.

Presentation of Data I. Schematic Diagram II. Truth Table c D b d mm mm mol ml earn earn mom earn mom iii. 2. 4. 5. 7.

Boolean expression 1 . A = C+BAD’+BAD+A b = CD’+B+CD 3. C = A+B+C’+D d = A+BAD’+BBC+BCC’ e = BAD+CD’ 6. F = CD’+B+A = BBC+BC’+BC+A g lb.