Sexual ethics

Describe and explain how Christian ethical teachings Influence the dally life of believers In ONE of the following areas – sexual ethics Sex is an integral part of being human and profoundly affects us physically, mentally and spiritually. As daily followers of the Christian church sexual ethics play a profound part in our lives as a Christian and our aspiration to follow Jesus Christ. The basis for sexual ethics in the Christian church is to follow the great commandment to love god and one another.

Such ethical Issues that the church centers around are expansible and loving sexual behavior and that sex belongs In marriage. We are taught as Christians that ultimate sexual ethics comes down to what kind of motives, under what sort of circumstances, in what forms of relationships, do we render our sexual selves to one another in ways that are true, right and Just. As followers of the Christian church we are taught to engage in responsible and loving sexual behavior whilst In a relationship or In life.

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In the church we have 8 main principles of sexual ethics. The first being to always never harm oneself or our ratter, this means that by cheating on our partner or practicing unsafe sex if we have HIVE+ we are breaking this. The second beings that we must always honor free will and consent. We must understand that sex is only ever ethical when your partner is truly able to give true consent, meaning that rape and the use of alcohol and drugs to trick someone into bed is unethical.

The Thirds is to value mutuality, when practicing sex, good sex Isn’t always about being pleased if the other needs aren’t being met either. The fourth principle Is to ensure equal power, mutuality Isn’t enough we need to ensure the equality of power to minimize the disemboweling of a person to a piece of property. The fifth is to be committed and intimate. This means that the church teaches us that there should be a commitment in a relation that includes a sexual dimension.

The sixth principle is to be enriching, both parties must be enriching and therefore maturing as a person in our values and be getting out something. The seventh principle is to be socially Just and responsible, meaning that we have to be more aware of our sexually actively and how It Impacts on our immunity. The last principle is to be redemptive and liberating, meaning we as Christian must never be ashamed or insecure about sexual activity; it was god’s intent and is a gift to mankind.

These Christian ethics influence greatly in our life as daily followers of the Christian church in our aspirations to follow Jesus Christ. Quite a disputed ethical issue in the Christian church is that sex must belong in a loving committed relationship such as a marriage between a man and a women, only then show they engage In the gift of God. As seen In “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Gene 2:24). The practicing of sex is God’s gift, and it ceases to be a gift when abused.

Traditional Christian beliefs are that only within a marriage that sexual activity can properly fulfilled, and that the upbringing of a child is a result of this deepening of love. Pre- marital sex meaning to either have indiscriminate sex before a person settles with a to marry. Such issues that are disputed within the catholic church with pre-marital ex is because of such belittling of the sexual act in such forms as ‘children born out of wed-lock or ‘sexually transmitted diseases’.

This definitely plays a part in our role of following Jesus and as daily followers of the Christian church. As Christians we are taught in the way of Jesus which brings forward the concept ‘Imago Die”, meaning human beings were created in the image and likeness of God. “In the Image of God he created them, male and female he created them” (Gene 1:27). This concept of ‘Imago Die” leads to the various ethical issues that are disputed within the followers f the Christian church.

These include such issues as incest and homosexuality. God created sex for us to reproduce, thereby meaning that any activity that sex is used otherwise is wrong. By practicing sex with a family member we are committing incest, this puts the baby at risk to many disorientation and defects, therefore the Christian church recognizes it to be immoral and unethical. Through such scriptures as (1 CORD 6:9-12) “Those who are sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God” showing us that the church generally preaches against it.

That said these days some nominations of the Christian church such as the uniting church and such new age religions teach that as long as you are in a loving committed relationship with whoever it is okay. These ethical teaching influence are greatly in our spiritual aspiration to live as Jesus did. As followers of the Christian church we strive to live by the teaching of the church, by doing this we must partake in an ethical life that the church believes is Just and true. The influence of the church plays a massive role on our Journey to follow in Jesus footsteps and such unethical issues that can bring us from that path.