SGI Case

Now they presented a new product under the Everest architecture. This architecture has worked for them In cent years and has put at the forefront SSI Inc. The company was facing a difficult decision.

The question: should SSI throw away the Everest design, and opt for Distributed shared Memory that was truly radical In nature? This decision making could impact the future of SSL The managers had to take a decision. The alternatives were: keep the Everest model or switch to the ADSM architecture.Here are some advantages and disadvantages that will be presented in each of the alternatives: The Everest Architecture represented the best of traditional computer architectures, this hype of architecture has characterized essentially all commercial computers sold in the last thirty years. The main advantage is that it is simple and flexible, and opt for this alternative was clearly the lower risk approach. At that time Everest architecture was the fastest transaction processor in the world. The product appeared to be a mayor success.

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So why change of to another architecture if the current one is working successfully.The main disadvantage of this model is that every technology has its limits and in this type of industry the competitiveness between companies and products is huge. This model may be effective in that moment but computers need more capacity every year because software companies develop programs and applications that need more capacity always. If this systems becomes slow or old, this product will not compete with similar product of other companies because in this industry the improvement of the components and systems is fundamental for a successful business.

The second alternative is risky because they need to change the whole architecture but this may bring innovation to the company and changes In computers software, if this project concretes the company may be a leader In placement of technology and all the Industry and market will focus In their products this will result In a lot of profit to the company. The disadvantage of this alternative Is that this model Is not ready to be In the market, the company needs to Invest a lot on research to develop and eliminates every bug that this model may have.They need to be sure to have a better product to launch to the market because If this product still doesn’t work better than Everest It will be bad for the company.

SIC In partnership with Stanford university had made Just a prototype. Its Important o keep In touch that all the future promises for this company have been only salutation. Nine Dora Is not convinced, Decease to start tons technical canalling, we need to know that it has a very difficult competence and it is difficult to improve against De old one.Another fear that SSL can present is that they don’t have the full knowledge of this new model, and they don’t want to leave a system that has been presenting good results. Another aspect that the organization needs to consider is the client, the most important thing in this decision.

They need to consider that, cause they have been working with Everest, and if SSI changes this radically it might upset the clients in the way that they have been with Everest and they know how it functions. How does the culture of the company affects in decision- making?The company culture affects because in the card of the founder, it said how the company has made decisions that position them in the top of this technological industry, that he is moving to improve new things, and that is a good way, but how can the decisions of changing the Everest system the one that puts them in the top tit one new that they don’t know how can it function or how can a new idea increase or decrease the performance of the company. The culture of the company is what identifies how a company is and how it works.It presents in the way that a company solve their problems, opportunities in the market, and adaptation to changes.

All the values that a company has are so important and it describes the function of the company, that’s why the culture of a company affects the decision making, because it depends in how the people reacts with changes, and the way of thinking too. As team we said that changes affects in a company. Especially when they are drastic changes such as radical change in the creation of a product that is innovative and itself.Normally in business, thanks to this work culture trying to cram a change is always difficult. Such obstacles must always be taken into account in order that no mishaps in implementing change. Inclusive would be an excellent idea to develop a plan of how to make this process easier implementation for all people within the company.

As we have studied all the options, we think that the company deeds to wait of making a decision of changing EVEREST for the new idea.We think that they need to keep using Everest, but not leaving the idea of ADSM, they need to keep working on it improving the functions and looking for new ideas that can improve and that ensure that it will work with quality. But they need to look the opportunities that ADSM has, that’s why we think that they don’t need to take Everest forever, because technology has limits, and SSL need to be prepare that when Everest is no longer innovative. There is where ADSM entry, and it can keep growing SSL prestige.