Shahul said he was not interested in cinema,

Shahul Hameed was an Indian playback singer born in 1953 inChennai. He sang in Tamil cinema under the music direction of Academy Awardwinner A.R.Rahman. In the 1980s, he mostly sang TV jingles.

He is best knownfor his classic hits, ‘Rasaathi En Usuru’ from the movie Thiruda Thiruda in 1993,’Senthamizh Naatu Thamizhachiye’ from Vandicholai Chinnaraasu in 1994, ‘UrvasiUrvasi’ and ‘Pettai Rap’ from Kadhalan in 1994, ‘Vaarayo Thozhi’ from Jeans in1998. He was active in the years 1980-1998. In the early days of his career, he used to a regular TVshow singer.

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He gained popularity and recognition in the year 1982 which ledhim to sing more than 30 songs in a popular TV show called ‘Isaithendral’ andother shows. Shortly after gaining recognition, he met A.R Rahman and soon releasedan album titled ‘Deen Isai Mazhai’, a Muslim Devotional album in 1989. Their friendshipblossomed to produce more songs in the early 1990s. He was known to be a great singer with a high pitch and apowerful voice. He had rendered his strong voice for the tracks ‘EllamPughazhum Iraivanukke’, ‘Yengal Abdul’, ‘Nagoore Shahul Hameed’ and ‘NagooreNaharalum Tooya’.

Although he said he was not interested in cinema, he sang hisdebut song ‘Usilampatti Penkutti’, with another female playback singer namedSwarnalatha for the movie Gentleman. He worked in the cinema field for 5 years.However, his rise to fame was short lived and died in a carcrash in Chennai in 1998. Several fans poured condolences shortly after the newof Shahul Hameed’s death spread like wildfire. He was known to have a uniqueand mystifying voice and this can be witnessed if one listens to his songs. Onefan even flew to Shahul Hameed’s makbara from Sri Lanka. He said that he wasspiritually inspired from the Islamic songs Shahul had sung.

Shahul Hameed wasknown to be a person of good deeds. His son, who regularly posts on his Facebookprofile said he once found a man lying faint and in a battered condition on theroad. He had immediately stopped the car and ran towards the man to find out ifhe had needed any help. On an emotional Facebook post, Shahul Hameed’s sonpours out regarding the amicable friendship between his father and A.

R Rahman. On 11th May 2011, Vijay TV awarded Shahul Hameedposthumously for his contribution to the Tamil Music Industry and ran a tribute.