Should they give up or there is hope?

Absolutely yes! The rapid increase in serious crime rates in Victoria perpetuated by alcohol and the extraordinary increase knife related assaults clearly demonstrate that we have degenerated into anomie. In fact, Durkheim has explicitly underlined that during periods of socio-economic upheaval societal structures break down culminating in rampant increase in crimes. His theory postulates that if financial crises exacerbate anomy it is not because of poverty, it is because of disturbances of collective order.Hence during disturbances of social equilibrium men become disposed to self destruction as indicated by the alcohol related assaults in Victoria.

Our state of anomie is further revealed by lack of moral force which in turn guides the moral needs as people have resorted to indiscriminate assault as documented by the Alfred Emergency Department. If these individuals respected the regulations, they could then be submissive to collective authority hence they could be bound by social regulations hence desist from morally unacceptable behaviors which are swiftly rising by the day.However, this state of anomie is an indication that our society has been disturbed and now we are in the middle of a crisis which will explode unless the regulatory influence is exercised.

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If these assaults are left unchecked then we are going to witness unprecedented rates of suicide as upset individuals must struggle to readjust to new social classifications. Society cannot adjust them instantaneously to new lives as they no longer know the limits to their own desires, thus worsening our state of deregulation or anomy.