Significant Differences Between Hungary and America

Most of the differences are derived from earnings.

It is well-known that Americans live in better circumstances than Hungarians. While Americans can afford lots of things for themselves, we have to focus on what we need the most.The American teenagers are less mature because their parents make sure about their future, although they usually become independent soon. If they have a job and also get paid, they have to pay for their parents to live with them. However in Hungary a lot of students move out from their parents but the majority can’t.

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Those who live in the student hostel usually have student loan because their parents haven’t got enough money.I mentioned that Americans’ lives are better if we only think about money. For example if they have a guest it is clear them to pay everything for him/her.

In our country the host expect from the guest to buy everything for himself except the food and accommodation. Not because we don’t want to be generous with them but we can’t allow this kindness. Some of the holidays are the same in this two country but some of them are very different. As an example at Christmas while in Hungary people get two days off, in America they get only one.

On the one hand the Americans are much more interested in the decoration of the house. Perhaps we can say that they are vying. On the other hand they spend more money on gifts than the Hungarians but it is also depends on that they have more than us.

Despite of we have four days weekend, we also have more national holidays. A curiosity about Americans that a lot of holidays are on Monday because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which was presented in 1968. In America the driver license is expected from the teenagers. Most of the parents make it obligatory while in Hungary it isn’t rife. Teenagers decide autonomously about this. Nevertheless not every Hungarian family has a car, but in America it is vital that one family has one or more.