Silicon valley technology

Silicon Valley Technologies Analysis Paper This paper discusses my experience and learning as I participated in the Silicon Valley Technologies (SAVE) simulation. SAVE simulation was a unique experience as It put me In situations which I were new to me and made It clearly evident that when dealing with complicated corporate Issues “effective communication” was the only way to make your opinion count.

This simulation gave me an opportunity to put to practical use the concepts that I learnt in MGM 3500. I was the manager for Video Products, Advanced Products in SAVE.I reported to the Director of Product Development who in turn reported to Vice President of Advanced Products. As I started my day I looked at the various emails and issues that were on my plate. It seemed overwhelming at that point and I felt clueless as to where I should start from. Finally I remembered the key concept taught to us in class which was proportioning. So I made a list of all the tasks/issues which I was expected to resolve during the day and prioritize the deferent Issues as “High, Medium and Low.

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This helped me set my agenda for the day and I set out to find my seniors/ colleagues to bring to their attention the Issues which were of highest Importance to me. One of my biggest challenges was that the Video Products dolls was a recent merger from a company called Harris into SAVE and it had not been completely integrated into the SAVE culture. I noticed here that I needed to influence my Director here to explain him the urgency of a fast deteriorating situation. SAVE was an industrial products based company and it was completely new to selling consumer products which Harris manufactured.

I met with Director for Product Development and raised my concerns regarding dissatisfaction of Harris employees. When I suggested restructuring to give the squired freedom to Harris sales employees the Director was concerned with costs of restructuring. I had to use rational persuasion technique to explain to him that Video Products was a completely new area for SAVE and old methods were not working in Video Products.

It required a new approach to stop capable employees from leaving the company and to Increase sales of video products dolls.Later I found out from President’s note that SAVE had planned on a joint venture with another company called “Fleming” and were planning to offload the manufacturing and marketing of Video Products completely to Fleming. I felt a little cheated when I heard this announcement as I felt that I should have been given a clue about this by either by Director or Vice President with whom I had been discussing Harris issue.

The lack of sharing of information made me feel undervalued but at the same time I understood that major decision like joint ventures and acquisitions are usually kept under the wraps till the last moment.However no announcement was made regarding what SAVE planned to do with the Harris marketing and manufacturing teams. I would have preferred a more open communication model as the lack of complete Information I m sure would lead to Harris employees feeling Insecure about their Job status. Decentralization and less layers of hierarchy encourages Individuals In an organization to assume more responsibility Ana take more Annihilative.

I Tell ten need for Decentralization in SW when I was faced with the issue of Video products division targeting higher sales than the overall corporation target sales.Director of Special products was concerned if we would be able to meet the aggressive targets we had set given that our sales had declined the year before. I felt that the communication as not clear here and Director of Special Products failed to understand why Video Products would set higher target. Also when I put before her the data to prove that Video Products could meet the higher targets, she repeatedly said that she needs to check with her seniors. She seemed unwilling to make a decision and I felt her “need for affiliation” was more than her “need for power”.There were some places where I and my seniors were not aligned which created conflict.

As an instance for me an employee suffering from carpal tunnel because of the Job he was doing in SW was a big issue that I wanted to address immediately. But for my management since it was not related to profits and company’s revenue, it was not as critical an issue as it was to me. The difference in viewpoints here created conflicts as I felt management was only interested in short term goals and increasing profits.

Also there was insufficient delegation of tasks as an issue related to employee health and security should have been delegated by management to HER team who would effectively resolve the issue. I needed Optical Fibers department to provide Video Products division 25% of their production material. I raised this concern with the Manager for Optical Fibers and he said that they could not provide us the raw material as they were projecting 200% growth for next year and asked me to look for alternative solutions.

I then tried to influence her to explain to her how much cost SW would save if Video Products could get the raw material from within the company. The Manager however I felt lacked self efficacy and decision making as she said that she will need to check with the UP of her department. When I went and spoke to the UP of fiber optics he immediately agreed to my proposal as it seems both the UP and Manager had not realized that Harris was now a part of SW and not a separate company.I could see how lack of proper communication and insufficient knowledge of overall corporate goals could completely ruin the work relationship between two departments within same company and lead to huge confusion.

Summary: Scarcity of resources, unclear rules and Procedures and lack of communication and understanding were the major sources of conflict within Company 5 in CSV’S. Also a lot of times employees were unaware of the corporation goals as a whole and what other departments within SW were doing. This is Just my experience during simulation and it could be very different from other people’s experience.