Similarity and difference

African American literature has been an important cultural canon of literature for the better part of the last century. Their contributions have provided a large work from which one may draw criticism. Many argue that the legacy of African American literature beginning with the e genius of the Harlem Renaissance. One its key players, Zorn Neal Hurst created a masterpiece CE with her 1937 magnums opus: Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Hurst lays the groundwork, and provides an avenue for contemporaries like Pulitzer Prize recipient Toni Morrison, who won the prize for her 1987 offering Beloved. These two works are as similar in style as they AR e different In content. Morrison and Hurst provide strong female characters In Seethe and Jeanie. Seethe who overcame the treacheries of slavery, and Jeanie, who faced abandonment and the pull HTH of a parent less home. Both women are skilled domestically Jeanie a capable wife, and Seethe a chef by trade.

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Both women show exemplary resilience and strength in the face of adversities y in the racist worlds that they both live in. Both women are so similar, yet couldn’t be differed NT. Jeanie is a young, beautiful, vivacious woman, who married thrice. She also enjoyed financial independence, and Is portrayed as an entrepreneurial, enterprising woman. Jeanie RA n off with men, and never bore children. Seethe, on the other hand, Is a quiet woman who marl De once, bore four children, and was content in her quaint profession. She loved modestly, an d was content in simplicity.

Seethe and Jeanie both were widowers: Seethe eventually sought physical gratification ye RSI after her husband’s death with from an old friend, while Jeanie ran off with the young, hand some Tea Cake. It could be argued that both women were captive to the ideals of their respective e times (Seethe In the Northern united States during the period of Reconstruction and Jeanie In the South at the turn of the century), While Jeanie was able to liberate herself (and receive actual liberation in court), Seethe succumbs to the fears and insecurities from her terrible past.