Since us take advantage of the internet while

     Since the
internet had been discovered with it brought number of positive things to the
world. Online communication certainly is one of those things. People nowadays
constantly have the need to go online devote a lot of free time on the
internet. Whether they chat through emails or messenger or surf Google it
doesn’t matter. Online communication has taken over our lives. We borrow ideas
from our physical interactions to make sense of communication through the

     One of
the important advantages of online communication as a social term is to help us
take advantage of the internet while communicating with people. It helps us
build connections and enhances collaborations with people from all around the
world. Furthermore online communication helps you conceptualize the human uses
of the Internet. If people understand how online communication processes
function in general it will allow them to apply them in situations in their own
lives. As well as that online communication helps coworkers build strong work
relationships. It is not easy being able to keep up with people all around the
globe, since a lot of firms have many work branches. Communicating through
emails or chats can make that path easier since all the coworkers will have a
say in the matter and express their own opinions. They have instant access to
other opinions and reviews.

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important detail about online communication is providing education. A lot of
students online collaborate with foreign students and together trough
communication they learn about each other’s culture and tradition. It is the
same with professors. A professor can log online and help a student with
homework or some other information. But let us not forget about the parents as
well. Parents if they choose to can play an active role in their children’s
education by linking their schools to libraries, museums etc. A lot of schools
and universities are using online communication to enhance learning. The use of
words is still a popular means of online communication, but nowadays people can
also share images and sounds through their computers. Students can share
pictures of notes from school to help each other keep up with the lessons if
some students weren’t present at that time at the lectures. Sharing educational
videos and videos of pop culture improves our ability to gather new
information. As well as that it is important to note the flexibility of online
communication because it is accessible 24/7 as long as you got good internet

verbal discussions, online discussions are lasting and can be revisited once
again by those involved in the online communication. People are free to comment
on their opinions and facts and share experience without feeling the pressure
to do that in person. Not only that but they can get involved in romantic
relationships via online communication and a chance at happiness and love. You
never know if the love of your life is across the world waiting for that text
from you to send.

     All in
all, to sum up, without doubt, online communication is a “vital” necessity for
all people to engage in. Our communication with the world helps us improve not
only ourselves but the world as well. People from all over the globe can come
together and join ideas and opinions on different matters by socializing via
online communication, something that wasn’t possible in the past. By gathering
and sharing new information we continuously take part in the worldwide progress.
By nurturing our connections we become more aware of the world and more aware
of ourselves. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the Internet and online