Since year, I was introduced to the field

Since my childhood, I always had a fascination with cars. Their speed and design captivated me.  Growing up, I made my mind to devote myself towards the enhancement and development of cars. It is this passion for cars which led me to mechanical engineering. I have an immense interest in the domain of manufacturing science since it emphasizes the manufacturing of machined parts.  I am interested in working on the designing of machine components which not only reduce time but also material significantly. Saving material will be beneficial on both the environmental and monetary aspects. __ always intrigued me. Pondering over the ___ gave me new design ideas which I am eager to develop. Having an experience with lathe machines, CNC machines, manufacturing techniques like advance machining process, conventional and non- conventional machining processes, I am eager to design some cutting-edge machine components. During the summer of my second year, I enrolled myself in a  machine designing course and developed the skills of autocad. Having thoroughly enjoyed the course, I delved deeper and learned some advanced software like Catia and Solidworks. I realized that with the help of Computer Aided Designing the manufacturing process becomes easier as we can design any machine component in 3 dimensions. This observation further escalated my interest in manufacturing science. In my third year, I was introduced to the field of research when I worked under the guidance of Prof. Kuldeep Rawat. We worked on the application of Heat and Mass Transfer in ____  which got published in an Internation Conference ______. I found a new interest in the field of research and want to do some good quality research in the area of manufacturing science.I am very enthusiastic to extend the concepts that I have studied during my lectures to real-world applications. This research internship will provide me a great opportunity to research, build new designs and expand my knowledge in the field of manufacturing science.