Now here we go to the problems. I believe In everything we do there Is a problem just Like In our training. I had encountered a lot of problems during my stay. Some of them are school related and some are company related. Now let’s start at school related problems. During my training, there’s a lot of school related problems encountered. Because Centerline Engineering is already operating for years now, some of the most important writing in the machine like modes, coolant switch, light switch, etc. Were erased just like in TOP.

That’s the very first problem I had encountered in my first machine (one of the oldest in the company). When IM trying to put the control on the x-axis, I put it on the z-axis making it move sideways which affects the settings on the machine. That is because of the said problem.

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Luckily the quality assistant inspector position making it correct as it Is, next school related problem I encountered was breaking of a cutting tool. Maybe because of tool fatigue, I break a lot of cutting tool during my stay Just Like In school. Every tool there cost thousands of peso and It also affect the productivity In the company.Like In our school, If you break your tool bit you will grind another to continue your work and It also spent you some money to buy another tool blank. Time management problem Is also another problem I had encountered both in school and in the company. In school, we can only work to the shop up until 7:00 pm and in the company we only work for 8 hours.

We can’t do overtimes because we are not allowed to. So if the time comes, you will stop making things and machining parts, that’s bad if you have quotas, but luckily, SSL trainees don’t have quota to be finished each day so it is k for s to do as much as we can or as least as we can.Another problem I experienced is the listening problem. You might think it’s not really a problem because you can focus to the person talking.

But in the factory, Its too noisy there you can’t even hear the person talking next toy. We solve this problem by simply not talking to each other until the break time, In that case we can perform better, produce more parts and talk after work. Last school related problem and maybe the most common problem in all industries, going to work late.

In Centerline Engineering they don’t tolerate latest. A minute late is equivalent to absent because they need to meet the ISO standard.I was once late and the guard never let me in that day, I just loss money for transportation and my chance to reduce 8 hours from my time. Since my only late problems is because of traffic, I Just go to work earlier than normal so I can’t be late anymore.

That’s all school related problems I experienced during my training, now let’s tackle about company related problems. First thing’s first, the consistency or the precision of work. If you had produced many parts that day, you have to malignant your production rate. Some were questioned why they produce more yesterday than today In same workplace or part.So If you do things, do It consistently. Next Is the deadlines.

We encountered deadlines of parts or faced out parts if you can’t finish because of our works and that Just put the guilt on me. To be able to solve this you have to be aware of the cut off of your workplace, you can see that in the bulletin board near the HER room. Awareness is the key to this problem. Next was the “Boss” problem.

Our boss is a nice person but most of the time he is always angry. I don’t know why but maybe because of stress in handling so many companies. The solution I used to solve this problem to understand people’s mind-set.Knowing that he is always exposed to stress because of handling multiple companies making him stressed and always get angry to his workers. Last problem or company problem I experienced is when someone in the company resigned or leaves. This makes everybody in the company adjust. For example, I only handle 3 CNN machine there but when the other trainees from Lucian, Guenon leaves, I am force to operate up to 8 machines that time. It’s hard to operate a lot of machines because it can affect your productivity in that day.

Luckily our HER always adjust time of works if this situation happens.For example, during that time, we have double shifts then he makes it single shift for us to fill the needs of the company and the needs of the workers. II Suggestions and Recommendations: After stating all the problems I experienced during my training, some suggestions and recommendations come out in my mind. This suggestions and recommendations will definitely help this training improve and be more successful in the future. First, it will be better if this training will be more focused on how the students will perform during the training.

Some of the trainees perform work that is not very related to the course.Others even perform something not really related to the course. Because of this, students who supposed to do things related to the course became more innocent to the course. For example, students perform more in cleaning the stations than the actual training. So one of my suggestions is to put the actual work the student will perform during the training. Making task more specific can put specializations in the given Job or task. Secondly, I want the school supervisor to visit the working stations of the trainee more often.

I really believe that this is necessary.I heard some of the trainees have been visited while others were not. Because of this some students or rather trainees don’t go regularly to the training because they are not afraid of being busted by the school supervisor. Also the training station should be inspected by the school supervisor to be sure if the students working station is capable in teaching the student, providing comfort to the trainees and to make sure of the safety of the trainees at the same time of the other workers in the company. Third thing I want to recommend is the transparency of the ark done by students or trainees.

What I mean by transparency to work is that the trainee should tell the school supervisor what his/her Job or task Job performed. Because of this, the school will be aware of the danger of the Job and making the student aware of the given danger and give the student some pointers or some suggestion so that the given danger will be avoided. I believe this recommendation is not totally necessary but I really believe that this should be considered. Next thing I suggest is the duration of the passing of the requirements like this one.