Slavery was to “rebuild” the United States after

Slavery was one of the most notorious institution that happened in the United States. Being prevalent in 1619 through 1865, during this time the Northern and Southern states were living two different lifestyles prior to the war. The Northern states’ objective was to expand industrialization further south, however the Southern states’ completely disagreed and wanted to remain rural and continue white supremacy. Owning slaves was a way of life for the Southern elites, they wanted to maintain black subordination. In 1865-1877 there was a period called Reconstruction that took place after the Civil War. The main purpose for Reconstruction was to “rebuild” the United States after the physical and economic devastation caused by the war. Due to the victory of the North, they managed to free roughly around 4 million slaves. However, the north was not the only one who came out with a victory as a result of the war. The northern states may have won the war, but the southerners also gained a victory during reconstruction.As much as the Federal government wanted to help the African americans they could not manage to help every single individual, the former slaves were not supplied with any protection. Although the federal government enforced laws to protect former slaves, the Southern Elite always managed to find loopholes in the laws that were placed to protect African American.The Southern Elites’ objective was to maintain white supremacy and black subordination. The Southern elite also enforced the continuation of a farm-based economy. Maintaining a political, economic, and social structure throughout the south was their main priority.The South’s main priority was to maintain control of their economy, but The Radical Republicans had a different plan. The Radical Republicans were a group of the republican party who opposed slavery and fought for the equality of Black americans before the war. They believed that White southerners had to be punished for their contribution to the outbreak of the Civil War. During reconstruction, slavery was abolished in the United States, thus the 13th amendment. Although slavery was no longer legal, the southern states placed “Black Codes.” Black Codes were extremely lenient laws, giving the White supremacy more ways of restricting African Americans’ from their freedom. Restrictive laws Such as: banned from bearing arms, preventing freedmen to vote, segregation, as well as asking for permission to travel were placed specifically for freedmen. If a freedmen was sought to have broken any law, they had to be imprisoned. During imprisonment Convict Leasing was enacted in the southern states. Forced labor was brought upon convicts, sending convicts off to plantation and other facilities that required labor. Even though the 13th amendment was placed to prohibit slavery, convict leasing was permitted as it was seen to be punishment as a result of a crime. The undesired presence of African Americans was shown once more when Jim Crow Laws were enacted. Jim Crow laws enforced segregation of African Americans and white supremacy. African Americans were forced to not use the same bathroom as the white race followed by more laws that dehumanized African Americans. After the former slaves were freed they sought out jobs, because of the lack of wealth this lead to sharecropping. In the south African American families would rent land from white owners and raise crops, thereby leasing equipment to the black families until Harvest time and later on charging the renters what they owe them. This was a great way keep black families in debt. As much as the Confederate States wanted to maintain their economic power, maintaining their social structure was just as important.        Changing the social structure of the southern states was very crucial to them. When the Radical Republican party wanted to give the same rights to African American, white supremacy immediately opposed it because of the fact that it would change how the social structure was organized. According to the Confederate States people of African descent were meant to be inferior and white superiority should ultimately continue in power. Equality enforced by the Radical Republicans would completely distort the ideology of white superiority. After the Civil War the 14th and 13th amendments were both ratified. The 14th amendment addresses protection and equal rights for all freedman, while the 13th amendment addresses the discontinuation of slavery. Due to the ratification of the amendments, many southern elites could not stand the fact that African Americans were freed. One solution that was developed was to destroy reconstruction by murdering Black Americans. The Ku Klux Klan was then formed, this group consisted of vindictive Confederate Army veterans. Sought out to be heros to many southern democrats, but a nightmare for African American families. The Ku Klux Klan terrorized many African American families, burned down churches, drove thousands of families out of their homes, and caused great mayhem. Fortunately, In 1871 congress passed a Force Bill giving the government power to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan. Later on the Freedmen’s Bureau was established, this agency helped plenty of African American families who were separated from one another to reunite. The Freedmen’s Bureau also helped former slaves education wise. Reading and writing was highly important to the government and the Freedmen’s Bureau taught them as well.This gave many benefits to freedmen, however, the confederate states highly disapproved because they knew it would change the social structure. Education is what determines your social class and the Southern elites knew it would be a matter of time that Black Americans would get ranked up in social class and the Southern elite did not approve. Plessy v. Ferguson Law supported segregation between races. The belief “Separate but equal” was supported in the United States causing controversy because of the incident of Homer Plessy. Homer Plessy was one eighths of African descent and was forced to sit in the “black-only car” He disagreed and took it forth to his lawyer. Plessy was ultimately convicted and charged a $25 fine. Segregation was a way to keep the Southern Elites social structure intact and Plessy v. Ferguson was one of the ways the south maintain their social structure and black subordination. The Confederate states’ would go to all lengths to maintain their economic, social, and political power.During Reconstruction, when the Black Codes were placed, African Americans were restricted of having the right to vote or to serve in jury. Similarly, closely identified as Voter Suppression but in this case the southern democrats worked endlessly to deprive black Americans from political power. Therefore, causing violence to scare black Americans from voting. Although the 14th amendment had been placed African Americans were still intimidated to vote because of voter suppression. Rightfully, in 1870 the 15th amendment was ratified and stated that the United States government cannot deny a citizen the right to vote based off of: race, color, and/or previous condition of slavery. Encouraging many African Americans to be heard and vote.During the Reconstruction era the Southern States found many methods to terrorize African Americans and somehow managed to maintain political power, economic power, and social structure for many years. Even though the North gained its victory after the Civil War by abolishing Slavery, and eventually gaining African Americans freedom, the south also gained it victory. The south was successful in maintaining black subordination for years, placing black codes to restrict African Americans from their freedom, and organizing a group called the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize thousands of black families. However, due to the victory of the North, currently in 2016 everyone is treated equally, no person is dehumanized, and it is unquestionable that all lives matter.